ADSL Jack point help needed

Ok two months ago I installed a ADSL master splitter at my demarc point & installed one dedicated ADSL jack point. What I want to know is can I split the ADSL signal from the master splitter to a second jack point ? . Just in case I want to move my modem/router to another room in the house. Will this affect my connection speed in any way if I have one unused ADSL jack point ? . I know I could install a patch panel so I could switch the signal between rooms but I don't want to do this, cheers.

geek_mystic-madness, Jul 15, 6:00 pm


geek_spyware, Jul 15, 6:28 pm

Yes I can split it & it wont affect my adsl speed or Yes it will affect my speed ? , thanks.

geek_mystic-madness, Jul 15, 6:31 pm

Yes you can split it, use cat5.

geek_spyware, Jul 15, 6:33 pm

Thanks mate.

geek_mystic-madness, Jul 15, 6:37 pm