IPhone 3GS

pdbeattie, Jul 17, 12:31pm
Thinking of selling my 4 month old iPhone. How much should i Get for it.

16GB 3GS
3 year warranty (transferable)
All original stuff and receipts

pdbeattie, Jul 17, 12:33pm
Mint condition as It just got front and back replaced via insurance

dunedin_ree, Jul 17, 12:48pm
Have you tried searching for auctions... . . ?

ladaspeed, Jul 17, 7:58pm
I got $785 for mine. But I put it on at $1 reserve, so there was a fair bit of interest.

pdbeattie, Jul 18, 11:22am
would $900 be reasonable as that is wat a 8GB 3GS costs ?

dunedin_ree, Jul 18, 11:42am
Hell no. Not with a "replaced" front and back and a new model coming out soon.

It's an auction site: the market will determine what you get for it. Set a reserve that you can live with and put it up.

pdbeattie, Jul 18, 11:49am
its all genuine apple. repair was done at magnum mac

dunedin_ree, Jul 18, 11:52am

Should I buy a second-hand *repaired* phone off Trademe, or should I buy a brand new one with less storage for the same price? Or maybe wait a bit and see if the price goes down when the new ones arrive?

Or should I save up a bit more and get a 4G (because I'm right-handed, dammit! )?

malachiman, Jul 18, 8:39pm
No it wasn??

malachiman, Jul 18, 8:41pm
With the iPhone 4 already released over seas, you wont get what your expecting, any one with a brain who wants one will be waiting the couple of weeks.

Its not like places are going to stop selling the iPhone 3GS because the new one is around the corner, only a noob would buy though.

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