Help with Antivir Solution Pro please - urgent

Keep getting messages that computer is infected and the above has been installed (not by me). I have NOD32 antivirus on my computer and have just done the MS clean and scan but it says 4 issues cannot be cleaned. Help please (in easy-to-understand language) as I'm not too computer savvy. Many thanks.

geek_akl439, Jul 18, 2:06 pm

"the MS clean and scan" ? !
if you have nod32 use it, is avira's antivir installed too?

geek_0800xford, Jul 18, 2:07 pm

Download emsisoft anti malware from
run it in safe mode

geek_ferita, Jul 18, 2:08 pm

Its not avira antivir its a similar named malware :(

geek_ferita, Jul 18, 2:08 pm

Yes the MS clean and scan. Nod won't let me use it. Don't know the avira.

geek_akl439, Jul 18, 2:08 pm

Can't get into Outlook or do any type of scan now - help.

geek_akl439, Jul 18, 2:19 pm

Thanks for that - downloaded the link but it won't let me run or open it, says it's infected. Any suggestions as to what to do now apart from taken it to my local computer guy?

geek_akl439, Jul 18, 2:32 pm

"downloaded the link" doesn't really mean anything.
taking it to the shop may just be the best thing for you.

download malwarebytes install and then open the program, update, restart you pc and hold the f8 key [to enter SAFE MODE] upon start up and then select safe mode, once in safe mode open malwarebytes and then do a full scan.
http://i29. jpg

geek_0800xford, Jul 18, 2:34 pm

ferita, that emisoft site is confusing, and a-squared is huge 83MB :o the download is provided by cnet

you are still getting paid commission right?
better add a smiley... ;)

geek_0800xford, Jul 18, 2:44 pm

Thanks Oxford, you're a star. I managed it and it seems to have fixed the problem - saved me $$$$'s. Many thanks.

geek_akl439, Jul 18, 3:27 pm

They actually have a smaller scanner on the main page , . . its a web scanner and it will remove most malware

Im just waiting for the huge cheques to come in the mail (and from antivir too LOL)

geek_ferita, Jul 18, 3:28 pm

you mean this?
http://i27. jpg

look at the name of it! ha ha no wonder people get confused

geek_0800xford, Jul 18, 3:33 pm

how does it compare to panda's online scan or housecall?

geek_0800xford, Jul 18, 3:37 pm