Pls help i cannot set up a administrator on laptop

superwomaniam, Jul 19, 2:39am
i was helping my son with his windows vista laptop he is young so was making myself the administrator(for now) i mustve pushed wrong button as we are both now on limited accounts, an there is no administrator which means we cant update or install stuff without administrators approval! ! how can we override this or make an administrator, i am so confused

jcmp21, Jul 19, 2:43am
The administrator account is disabled by default. What version of vista is it? - basic, home, business or ultimate?

gyrogearloose, Jul 19, 2:44am
Super Woman would spin anti-clockwise really fast to turn back time, then press the correct button.

Reboot into safe mode by pressing F8 repeatedly as it starts the boot sequence, then log in as administrator (leave the password blank).

jcmp21, Jul 19, 2:46am
or try going to control panel-> User Accounts -> Change Your Account Type and select administrator.

superwomaniam, Jul 19, 2:55am
hi jcmp21 its vista premium (is that a version? )
hey gyrogearloose, i tried the spin around but all i got was dizzy ! hahawhen do i push the F8 button?

superwomaniam, Jul 19, 2:56am
oh and i tried to change the user type but it wouldnt let me, it wont let me do much without administrators approval

jcmp21, Jul 19, 3:00am
You will need the administrator password in any case. When you see the window grey out and it makes the blip noise and says do you want to continue it's using the administrator account to continue the job. You cant log in as an administrator as a rule. What are you wanting to achieve with the admin account?

superwomaniam, Jul 19, 3:07am
i was trying to link my son onto my wireless but it wont let me without admin password, (shouldnt i just be able to do this from any user account as i have my wireless password) also when my son wanted to change a program it couldnt go any further without admin password?

jcmp21, Jul 19, 3:11am
Thats right anything to do with networking would require elevation. Do you know who set the machine up to obtain the password from them?

superwomaniam, Jul 19, 3:17am
I have managed to make myself the administrator :)
but it still wont let me connect to my wireless it states that the wireless security settings dont match the settings from the computer the internet is coming from,
i wanted to connect his computer to get it updated since we havent since he was brought it for his birthday, but i also wanted to be the administrator so i could put parental locks on if neeeded? ? ?

jcmp21, Jul 19, 3:23am
Has it been connected to the wireless before and you've since changed the password or something?

The parental locks you are meaning is for safe web browsing without pornsites etc showing up in google etc? . If so opendns is good, you change a setting in the network properties to point the computer to the opendns servers and they filter out all the types of websites that you choose to block. But that might be for another day perhaps.

nizmonut, Jul 19, 4:02am
log out restart the computer and reboot it in "safemode with networking" then try it again

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