Acer travelmate 512DX

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 2:40am
i bought this as a cheap computer for my grangies to play on . what do i need to make it go onto broadband. its on dialup at the moment cheers

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:00am
a broadband router and a broadband plan/connection.

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 3:06am
i am already on broadband . . is there something that i need for the laptop to change it from dialup to b band?

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:08am
does it have an ethernet port? or maybe you could use usb.

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:12am
is this it?

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 3:16am
cheers a ethernet port is whats needed. . now to find one

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:19am
it may be hidden under a little plastic 'cap' if it has one...

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 3:21am
im picking that its in the same place as the dialup ph plug goes into. if thats true then i guess the whole card or plug thing has to be changed

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:22am
you can get usb > ethernet adapters

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:24am
like this, not that i have used one...

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 3:27am
cheers but this unit only has 1 usb p[ort

0800xford, Jul 19, 3:28am
perhaps you could get a usb hub...

is this machine really worth spending any money on?

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 3:30am
yea mate . my grandies get a buzz outa playin on the computer while here. and for the small outlay im sure it will be worth it . even if they break it. but cheers for your help . im a back in the dark ages guy . so your a saviour indeed

0800xford, Jul 19, 4:00am
heh, have you ever tried puppy linux?

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 4:11am
lol mate i have troubles playing with windows.

rufa1nz, Jul 19, 4:11am
i just dont know enough to even start to go there

0800xford, Jul 19, 4:13am
off topic, that turkey who gave you a red = blacklisted, a bit of a repeat offender too.

drcspy, Jul 19, 4:15am
if tha'ts it I hope you didnt' pay more than $50 for it... ... ... and it *should* have an ethernet port... ... ... . .

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