Can i ask a blonde question? lcd TV vs Monitor

cantab1971, Jul 20, 5:53am
seems to me that if you can get a 42inch full HD 1080p Television for $999 these days, why wouldn't you just get that and run your gaming PC through it instead of a much smaller monitor? would a PC monitor still give a better picture? ? thanks in advance...

flewy, Jul 20, 5:54am
alot of people do.

dunedin_ree, Jul 20, 5:57am
Why? Because a lot of the time your gaming PC isn't near the TV or it isn't convenient to sit and game (with keyboard/mouse etc) in front of it.

Some do, some don't.

slowenemy, Jul 20, 5:58am
personal preference i suppose.
I prefer the bigger screen, i can see more, and i dont have to sit so close lol

richms, Jul 20, 6:30am
Low resolution for the screen size on LCD TV's mean that you cant really use it for actual work, some have massive problems running from a PC and showing a decent picture, so you have to use HDMI input which means 1080p which may be too high for your graphics card.

damon3, Jul 20, 7:01am
First point, a 40" TV for $999 is going to be pretty average, lets say you get something a bit nicer for around $1499, most people "game" on a PC with the monitor at arms length, now the problem with LCD technology is that depending on the angle you look at the screen depends on how bright it is, and at arms length, a 40" TV is going to be darker at the top and brighter or wierd looking at the bottom, and a similar problem occurs left and right too, if you are observing the same screen from the couch (2-5 meters away) at eye level, its going to look fine.
Second, a 24" (or 23. 5") monitor can be had for $300 and at arms length that will fill more of your field of view than a 40" TV at just 1 meter away let alone 3-5 on your couch (seriously, you can easily test this by simply holding your hand out in front of the screen and see how much of the screen your hand covers at the given sitting distance)
Third, a PC monitor is geared for PC gaming, they have very low response time (2ms) which means there is very little input lag, that is very important when playing FPS games, not so important for racing or platform type games, however a TV is designed for good image quality (better contrast ratio, colour reproduction etc) and are OK for console gaming.
And finally, if you want a big screen area for gaming, and have lots of money, you could get eyefinity, I have 3 24" monitors side by side with a max resolution of 5670x1080 and verticle size of over 60" (at arms length too) and I still got all 3 monitors for less than $999.

cantab1971, Jul 20, 6:37pm
thanks all. Especially damon3 - would vote your post for "best computing message board answer", if there was such an award !

0800xford, Jul 21, 12:01am
if we had a proper forum you could give thanks/creds to helpful posters

hayster94, Jul 21, 12:06am
I thought about getting a tv so I could hook it up to my computer but having second thoughts now. Might just get another 22" or 24" so I can have dual monitors to use for web stuff

For gaming I wouldn't want to be sitting right in front of a 42", it would be too big lol

0800xford, Jul 21, 12:25am
it's funny aye, you want a big monitor but a tv too, but the tv is too big for a monitor and the monitor is too small for tv/movies

0800xford, Jul 21, 12:51am
i'm thinking a 32" lcd would be cool here, anything bigger would look ridiculous in this little apartment.
i told myself i wasn't going to buy any decent appliances until after moving but my stuff is old and breaking, plus the damn tv is a crt and half of all my viewing is chopped off, the dvd player is rooted too, it make a funny noise, like a chicken pecking tinfoil ha ha

lythande1, Jul 21, 2:28am
TVs aren't designed for it and usually it looks crap.
Which is the short version of damon3's post.

damon3, Jul 21, 2:35am
Not true, I have a Samsung 40" full HD in my lounge with a PC connected to it (I think you can get one for around $1500 now, I got mine for around $2k), and if you are sitting close (1-2 meters) image quality is superb, you can easily use it for surfing the net, photos look fantastic, I even finished Mini Ninjas (Steam game) on it when my wife was using my main PC, I've tried a few other games on it too, like Dirt 2, Grid etc.
Modern TVs have great IQ, just not that practical for use as a computer monitor.

smellyshelly, Jul 21, 3:01am
We do here - one PC on a 46" Samsung LCD through VGA cable, and another going to a 32" Panasonic with HDMI. Wireless keyboards and mice, so you can choose where to sit. Very comfy.

0800xford, Jul 21, 3:09am
i hooked up my pc to my tv using s-video once, it looked awful

a31cefiro, Jul 21, 10:18am
Maybe you had (have? ) a crappy TV.

richms, Jul 21, 1:18pm
Flatmates panny plasma had an option buried somewhere called 16:9 overscan that needed to be turned off, and then the ATI drivers needed to have their overscan correction turned to 0 to get a 1:1 also sharpness defaults to 50 on a TV, which is applying edge enhancement, back it down to 0 to get things showing as they should.

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