2degrees goes 3G

Anyone else noticed it in their area? Saw the 3G icon come up on my phone screen for the first time in Chch today. Apparently it went live a few days ago.

A test shows that speed isn't exactly amazing here tonight but it is much faster than it was/is elsewhere and still plenty for the basic browsing which is all my Sony Ericsson 610i can handle anyway. Upload is faster than than our fixed line: http://www.speedtest.net/result/885623052. png

geek_rua69, Jul 20, 10:55 pm

Still does not show 3g in the BOP, only 34kbit/sec.

geek_shinedog, Jul 20, 11:34 pm

BOP isnt covered by 2° so all you get is vodafones shitty slow gprs network. My one here on the shore is still sitting on edge, but I think I have 3g turned off on it. Must try changing that later and see what happens.

2°is only using 2100MHz so it will be as bad as vodafone around the city as far as losing it when you walk into buildings.

geek_richms, Jul 20, 11:41 pm

XT in BOP @ 365kbit/sec 0. 66 latency

geek_shinedog, Jul 21, 12:16 am

It appears to be true - my 'spare' phone is displaying 3G. It is one very welcome move by 2Degrees, as for the first time in my many years with Vodafone I was considering taking my number over as soon as 2Degrees $10 to any network deal was announced. The only thing they need now to completely win me over is comparable data pricing and I am gone.

geek_enigma, Jul 21, 2:02 am

Although if it is true, why not announce it? I tested outgoing video call as well, seems to be working, but will test properly again tomorrow.

geek_enigma, Jul 21, 2:05 am

cool, i'm possibly getting a 2° phone soon, 9¢ texts ftw!
maybe i'll tether that puppy to the laptop

geek_0800xford, Jul 21, 1:16 pm

3G testing was announced on a Geekzone thread after a user found it working:
http://www.geekzone.co.nz/forums. asp? forumid=85&topicid=

geek_rua69, Jul 21, 1:20 pm

What about the free giveaway of telstraclear?

A shiny new 3G Nokia 2730 ?? free
Monthly charge ?? zero for 2 years
500 texts per month ?? free for 2 years
Calling rate ?? 29c to any NZ network
Keep your number

geek_johnlyn, Jul 21, 1:21 pm

That's a good deal for anyone wanting to swap to one of Telstraclear's landline and broadband packages. You need to be in their cable zone.

geek_rua69, Jul 21, 1:41 pm

Both 2D and Telstra are really expensive for mobile data though, so what's the point of getting 3G?

E. g. 512MB is $61 on 2D (if buying 50MB packs, and how tedious would that be? ) or $256 on Telstra (at 50c/MB), vs. $30 on Vodafone or Telecom prepay. Have 2D announced any better data pricing for 3G?

geek_drsr, Jul 21, 5:00 pm

No. 3G for me merely means faster email checking.

2degrees was way more straightforward when I joined a few months ago. I found its simplicity attractive. Now it's another part of the general Heath Robinson prepaid imbroglio:

geek_rua69, Jul 21, 10:23 pm

2° edge works better than the combo of slingshot and vodafone in my limited testing. 3g even betterer, but now I am out of credit on that sim. I hate prepaid, guess I have to trek to the dairy tomorrow for more credit.

When they get post paid, and my 12 months with slingshot is up I will seriously think about moving my main phone over - but 6-7 months is a long time in telco time so who knows what may be available by then.

geek_richms, Jul 22, 1:16 am

Spoke to 2Degrees. Yes, they are testing, no, there is no plans to announce until fully tested. For me the only appeal Vodafone had was 3G for data at 100Mb/$10, however, with 3G capable 2Degrees the same amount will cost $12, but I will be able to txt any network for $10/500txt and make cheaper calls. Something to consider... . The only thing Vodafone needs to do to keep me is to include Telecom in their TXT2000.

geek_enigma, Jul 22, 1:26 am

serves me right for not logging in to check what's happening, haha

geek_enigma, Jul 22, 1:27 am

50c / MB or $6 for 50MB 2deg

geek_seriouslycgi, Jul 22, 7:54 am

$1 / 10MB per day

i dont even want to look at telecom

geek_seriouslycgi, Jul 22, 7:57 am