How do I print A3 on a normal printer?

vix.tribe, Jul 20, 9:17pm
I want to print something that's A3 size on my printer that only takes A4. So I want it to print onto two pages that I can then join together.

I tried it in word but it just chops off the half that doesn't fit onto the one page.

d.laidlaw, Jul 20, 9:18pm
If you go to file then print you can normally sellect multipage output.

vix.tribe, Jul 20, 9:23pm
That's what I thought, but I can't find it anywhere. I've turned off scaling but that's it. I have word 2007.

vix.tribe, Jul 20, 9:33pm
I have photoshop too, if anyone knows how to make that software do it.

seriouslycgi, Jul 20, 9:56pm
maybe make two images out of the one, print both then tape together?

vix.tribe, Jul 20, 10:04pm
I hadn't thought of that, thank you. :-)

malachiman, Jul 20, 11:01pm
I think this is more related to your printers capabilities and driver limitations.

richard112, Jul 20, 11:05pm
Did an A3 pic in photoshop the other day. Sized it in photoshop how I wanted the end product, then cropped the left half & saved as 'blah blah L'. Cropped the right side - save as 'blah blah R' print both L & R trim& join. Looks mint.

lythande1, Jul 21, 2:31am
Print a poster facility on the print menu will print one A4 sheet over two thus making it A3 when cut and pasted together.

In mine I have to go in to preferences and then select the page set up option and then under page layout there is a little menu. I scroll down it and I select print a poster and then a menu come up underneath that says specifics. I then have to select how many sheets I wish the one sheet to be printer over so for A3 I select to divide in to 2.

That is the best I can do as I have a Canon printer so yours might be slight different. It should print posters though.

pjtoo, Jul 21, 9:25am
Print to PDF, size A3, then print the PDF, using your A4 printer ... ?

rona1, Jul 21, 8:03pm
you could fold an A3 page in half and print half the pic on one side then turn the folded page over and print the other side.

richms, Jul 22, 12:47am
Depends on the printer drivers. Often the windows default ones lack features the downloaded ones have like poserisation etc.

Otherwise the PDF suggestion is a good one.

lucky3, Jul 22, 7:49am

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