TV3 on demand

dpte1, Jul 22, 7:57am
How do I watch tv online at Tv3 ondemand? It doesn't seem to load...

morrisman1, Jul 22, 8:10am
it sucks, as does tvnz on demand. TV3 is the better of the two but ive had nothing but trouble with both of them wherever i try to watch it

kzm, Jul 22, 8:11am
have you got broadband ?

dpte1, Jul 22, 8:37am
Yeah. I just figured it out. You have to disable ad blocker.

jcmp21, Jul 22, 8:54am
Yep that will do it. Someone in here told me that as well, as soon as its off it works like a charm. You could go through and find the sites needed to be unblocked and then you wont have to disable adblock altogether every time you want to watch.

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