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tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:19am
Went into a trade me store and now this crap is all over my computer. Download this now or your computer is at risk. Now it's downloading porn!

dunedin_ree, Jul 25, 5:22am
No, it doesn't sound legit. Does it sound legit if it's downloading porn? You don't need a program to do that, you know.

"Went into a trade me store"? Where exactly do you think you got infected?

tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:25am
It was a bathroom store jing hong. I'm writing from my mobile. I guess i'll have to send my laptop to get cleaned. I did have avast and hadn't updated it which I know is my own fault. I'll be letting trade me know about this store though.

dunedin_ree, Jul 25, 5:27am
And again in English?

Download Malwarebytes, install, update and run in Safe Mode.

tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:28am
Lol, it was downloading porn as I typed. I think I might run over my laptop in my truck

mark.p, Jul 25, 5:29am
Homer should be able to sort it out :).

tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:29am
it won't let me access any websites, keeps saying it doesn't trust the website I entered. Anyway to bypass that or am I royally screwed?

dunedin_ree, Jul 25, 5:30am
You have to download it on another computer and then transfer it over via a USB drive. So find a friend that can help you.

tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:32am
Thanks for that :) I have another laptop I can use

drcspy, Jul 25, 5:33am
give us a screen shot of this thing eh

tazcsv, Jul 25, 5:39am
Sorry drcspy, have clicked out of the porn ;)

drcspy, Jul 25, 5:40am
not the porn a shot of the 'program' which has hijacked you

intrade, Jul 25, 5:56am
just use linux then you donthave viruses and othercrap and if you want virus you can run winblows in virtual machine as long as the laptop is not 10 year old .
What you seem to have installed is not antivir as i run that on my winblows from
You need to download antivir from another pc to a usb pen drive install and scan in save modewithout the laptop going online.

jcmp21, Jul 25, 5:59am
lets just slow down for a minute. Is the porn any good? , this may not be so bad.

swivel, Jul 25, 6:31am
It's Malware intrade, Not a virus. Did you read her posts befor dribbling all that.

As for "Use linux". If your going to say that, Check to see if her programsare compatible (Or it will make things worse) and that she wants it, other wise it's another Dumb statement from you

chessman, Jul 25, 6:33am
start in safemode f8 at startup and do a system restore, should take care of it. Then once you know its gone, you have to disable then re-enable system restore.

little_egypt, Jul 25, 7:58am

tazcsv, Jul 25, 9:20am
I'm back!

Downloaded Malwarebyte to my phone, then transfered the file to my computer (about the only smart move I've made today)
So now I seem to be free of the porn, should I disable the malware, or leave it? Also, should I subscribe again to Avast, or which would be better? Thanks especially to dunedin_ree

dunedin_ree, Jul 25, 9:25am
Malware is BAD.

Malwarebytes is the application that gets rid of malware. Leave it there (did you do a scan in Safe Mode? ).

Avast is a good option.

0800xford, Jul 25, 9:26am
thankfully -someone- was sensible, i was about to be flippant or sarcastic... or maybe both!

tazcsv, Jul 25, 9:45am
yes I did, thanks to your advice.
cheers, will stick with avast.

tazcsv, Jul 30, 9:33am
Here's the auction number btw

0800xford, Jul 30, 9:43am
a jing hong bath?

tazcsv, Jul 31, 1:39am
sure was. if you want free porn, just visit their website with no security protection ;)

0800xford, Jul 31, 1:45am
i doubt it.

i just disabled: popup blocking, adblock plus and no script and i'm yet to see anything infectious...

maybe you went to and clicked on "some thing"

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