16Gb iPod Touch

sighkick, Mar 8, 1:19am
Wom myself a 16Gb iPod Touch and.... It's a nifty little machine but certainly doesn't look like $650 worth. The WiFi connection is also great and the Safari browser is just super but...... is there anywhere where I can get Bionic Magnifying Eyes just like Jamie Sommers? Has anyone tried to actually READ anything on this tiny (albeit sexy) screen?

sighkick, Mar 8, 1:20am
Wom = Won .............. Wishing for a decent Message Board with editing your own posts is too much to ask for.

xpdnz, Mar 8, 1:47am
... Ive kinda been looking at the iTouch for last few days especially since the iPhone now has exchange support.... Im assuming the iTouch will get that support as well.
And yeah, the msg boards here need redoing, something like phpBB would be great :)

dunedin_ree, Mar 8, 4:19am
Can't you zoom? I thought you could ...

cdb007, Mar 8, 4:27am
.... You can zoom, using the multi-touch functions.

ply-boy, Mar 8, 4:33am
Can I have it sighkick?

sirfer, Mar 8, 5:42am
Shh ply_boy i need it more than you...

ply-boy, Mar 8, 5:44am
NO!!!! im poor

sighkick, Mar 8, 9:16am
You guys can win your own..... All you have to do is listen to Kerre Woodham all of next week 8pm - midnight on NewstalkZB and answer the questions she asks during her show. This week just gone it was Larry Williams on the weekday 4 - 7pm show. I won on Wednesday and helped a friend win on Friday. This last competition had hard questions but the week before it was Danny Watson during the Noon - 4pm show and the week before the Leighton Smith show 8.30am - Noon. I even had a try at winning the Macbook Air last Saturday.

dafing, Mar 9, 6:02am
Get an iPhone instead! www.mob.co.nz is where mines coming from, arrives Wednesday, the price JUST went up to $850 I think? I got mine for 790.

they offer support for the future, theres also http://kiwi-ise.co.nz/about-us/

you guys should know about

macination, Mar 9, 9:05am
Hacking your Touch makes an great device awesome While I'd definitely recommend getting an iPhone if you can be bothered with the hassle of importing, plus the required hacking and expense of a Vodaphone Data Plan, I can totally recommend hacking your iPod Touch as well. I've done mine, and the available third party apps available are awesome. It's literally a mini-computer, and is the reason I'll be getting another desktop Mac rather than a Laptop when i next upgrade.

seriouslycgi, Mar 9, 10:07am
If i ever get somehting like an iphone i would get the gphone or openmoko, they look fun.

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