Best Colour laser printer for dusty workshop?

chito, Jul 26, 4:29am
What do you suggest? Sick of stripping down the HP LJ3800 to clean the mirrors every 3 months. Can anyone suggest one that would at least be easier to get to, and clean the laser unit?

rgtrading, Jul 26, 4:31am
Dust is the enemy of anything with small moving parts, so I doubt any printer will do any better. Cover it up when its not in use perhaps.

jcmp21, Jul 26, 4:45am
Buy or build a box for it to sit in

lostdude, Jul 26, 4:52am
yeah just build a clear perspex box with lid on hinges.

johnf_456, Jul 26, 5:33am
Yep I agree, with ventilation holes also some how with a filter to stop the dust getting in. Has laser printer do generate a lot of heat with the "fusing stage".

0800xford, Jul 26, 5:34am
you could put a hamster in it too

chito, Jul 26, 6:44am
Boxes aren't an option. They need one that will still need regular cleaning, but just not so involved. There must be one brand or model better than the others.

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