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skootaskid, Jul 26, 6:19am
On behalf of my daughter in Australia. She is studying through the open polytech and can not access their website from her new computer. She just bought it new and it has no problems with any other website only the open polytech's one. Her old laptop accesses it no problem and when she took the new one back to the shop it got it fine. As soon as she got home again it wouldn't go there again :-( She has tried both IE and Firefox and gets the same message, that it cannot identify the servor (I'll check with her and confirm the exact message). We would appreciate any help from all you 'ubergeeks' out there.

0800xford, Jul 26, 6:20am
"I'll check with her and confirm the exact message"

dunedin_ree, Jul 26, 6:30am
Tell her to contact the Open Polytech - I'm sure they will have a helpdesk or similar. That's what she pays fees for.

jayc2007, Jul 26, 6:44am
Perhaps the DNS servers on her router at home are having problems with that website, and it has cached the bad dns request (which it may hold for 24hrs! )

Try 8. 8. 8. 8 or 4. 4. 4. 4 as DNS servers.

jcmp21, Jul 26, 6:52am
negative caching for 24 hours?

hdmovies, Jul 26, 7:09am
Are you with slingshot for internets?

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