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outlaw2, Jul 26, 7:05am
Anyone own an Acer monitor? Are you happy with it? Is it reliable?

0800xford, Jul 26, 8:45am
no, why, are you looking to buy one or are we settling a bet... ?

alcoholiday, Jul 26, 8:47am
Yep, they're great. . don't have any issues with it... definatley recommend.

outlaw2, Jul 26, 9:24am
Looking to buy, heard good things recently. I'm ex-DSE staff, never liked them and returned tons of them but that was 2+ years ago.

0800xford, Jul 26, 9:29am
i doubt much has changed in 2 years, for what it's worth i wouldn't buy one, just because it's acer.

micky_1, Jul 26, 9:54am
I have had an acer for 2 years plus now . . never missed a beat

phooney, Jul 26, 10:14am
In my opinion, Acer monitors are on par with any competitor products in their price range as far as quality is concerned. I haven't found them to fail at a noticably higher rate. However, woe be to the one who has to deal with trying to return an Acer product. The service is bad enough that I generally only sell an Acer if the customer insists on it.

That said... I got a second hand Acer monitor for myself and it is sweet as.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:05am
I have a Chimei CMV221D... nice monitor & still good at 2yrs old.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:07am
phooney... I had drama with an Acer laptop when I bought it, took it back & was given another one... 4 of them were no good but the one I have now is about 6yo & it's been great. The others were a dud batch.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:13am
My home computer is also Acer & finally died due to a virus; I have just now got it back up & running after fitting a new 2TB HD, bigger power pack & 6GB of ram... it's good now but what a drama.
The new HD is a Seagate & wasnt compatible with Vista so have gone back to XP, the new ram wouldnt run with the existing ram so had to ditch the existing & replace the lot so went from a mere 512 to 6GB, then had to go on the hunt for drivers etc etc... was a bit of a mission but she's a hotrod now!

gibler, Jul 27, 2:17am
A great deal of what you have said topspdmtrsport makes no sense whatsoever.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:23am
It makes perfect sense seeing what has just been done to my computer.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:24am
PLUS... the original 80GB HD wouldnt run along side the new 2TB drive.

0800xford, Jul 27, 2:29am
dude's hungry a speed for sure...

soodanim, Jul 27, 2:30am
They don't sound very experienced at all.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:31am
Huh? ...

soodanim, Jul 27, 2:32am
Well, let's put it this way. What you are explaining doesn't make them sound very experienced.

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:33am
That's ok, we all have opinions but they are & i'm happy with the outcome. Did you know that the Seagate 2TB drive wont work with Vista?

topspdmtrsport, Jul 27, 2:36am
Bear in mind I went & bought the parts, not them, so they were making what I wanted to have work.

0800xford, Jul 27, 2:42am
2TB cool, you can have defrag parties that last all weekend now

soodanim, Jul 27, 2:46am
Don't use Vista... . It's been removed off any computer that runs it.

Don't have a 2 TB HDD so couldn't tell you but it doesn't make sense that it wouldn't work. Why did they say it "wouldn't work? "

outlaw2, Jul 28, 9:14am
Ok, thanks for the feedback. So can anyone recommend a monitor that is a good brand, not bigger than 23" - 24" and has 2x HDMI ports?

moosie_21, Jul 28, 9:59am
I just bought a 24 inch DELL for $310, its awesome, and after getting it thought it was actually too BIG! Go figure!

knickers, Mar 30, 11:40pm
simply NO mine only lasted 18months scrabled egg screen DEAD

knickers, Mar 31, 11:40pm
simply NO mine only lasted 18months scrabled egg screen DEAD

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