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sydspec05, May 12, 11:40am
Printer help how do you network your printer to three computers around the house i have a switch but just need to know
what i can do

skin1235, May 12, 11:48am
Similar setup here (5 computers) I have the printer installed on one computer and installed as network printer on all the others... means I do have to have that one turned on for the others to access the printer through it. my switch doesn't have usb port and the printer runs off usb so it seemed like the easiest way to do it at the time, works okay for me

madazu, May 12, 11:53am
Or you can purchase a print server This device then attaches to the network via the router and is available to all computers, so there is no need to have a host computer that is on in order to print. More and more printers are coming out now with print servers built in (wired and/or wireless) but you can get a relatively cheap second hand print server from tm, just do a seach on hp jetdirect there are always a few up for auction. Once a print server is configured for your network with a static IP it is very simple to configure each PC to print to the TCP/IP port that the print server sits on.

sydspec05, May 12, 11:53am
Ok so how do you share the printer on network do i have goto control panel in to the net work part

soodanim, May 12, 2:58pm
Control panel. printers share the printer...then on all others you want to share, go to control panel, add printer, choose to use a network printer, browse and away you go..If this doesn't work, run the network wizard on all computers and enable file and printer sharing....

soodanim, May 12, 3:04pm
Share.... sorry, once in printers...right click, properties, look for the sharing tab.

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