Help with microsoft word please

sooby, Jul 27, 10:15pm
Hi guys,

I'm having problems with MS Word 2003 where it "encounters a problem and needs to close".

Unfortunately this creates an infinite loop where the random error occurs, so I try to shut down word and then another error occurs while shutting down, so basically this goes on until I shut the PC down at the end of the day.

Will try to uninstall Word then reinstall, will all the autotext & signatures etc I have saved be lost if I uninstall/reinstall?


lythande1, Jul 27, 10:17pm
There is an option of repair when you select uninstall/reinstall too. Give it a try.

sooby, Jul 27, 10:52pm
cheers for that lythande1!

Will that mean my custom autotext & signatures etc won't be lost?

Is there a way to save them somwhere? (as a text file perhaps? )

drcspy, Jul 27, 11:36pm
should be ok

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