Linux 64bit?

gbbrot, Jul 28, 10:02am
is there a 64bit desktop version suitable for the Pentium D?

cybertao, Jul 28, 10:19am
All the major distros come in a 64-bit flavour. The question is if you have a reason too, such as accessing more than 4GB or running a specific application that is advantageous to run in 64-bit.
There is a lot of debate over what's better, I'm inclined to follow
where the 64-bit build is 4% faster and 9% larger. Not much in it.
I still run with 32-bit distros because I like to compile and run 32-bit applications such as WINE. You can run 32-bit stuff in a 64-bit distro, but end up with both 32-bit and 64-bit double-ups of libraries and the like.
Basically, a pain in the ass if there is no advantage to it in the first place.

flewy, Jul 28, 10:20am
I have never found any difference between the two, and that goes for win32 and win64 aswell.

becka2, Jul 28, 10:30am
less compatibility and more driver hell!

seriouslycgi, Jul 28, 10:31am
im sorry but i notice the difference in arch64 it seems to handle a lot more that you throw at it compared to the i686 version.

johnf_456, Jul 28, 10:42am
There sure is op.

flewy, Jul 28, 10:47am
never had any issue to that.

cybertao, Jul 28, 11:07am
It's a hangover from the early releases of 64-bit Windows. Hardware manufacturers weren't exactly keen to write 64-bit drivers for their old products, and weren't going to pay for WHQL if they did.

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