Adobe illustrator CS3 help.

I, m having some problems cutting shape A from shape B. When I go to subtract shape A from shape B, changes shape B shape but stills subtract shape A. Any way has any one got any ideas what going on? and how to fix. if to confusing can upload screen shot what I mean.

geek_godpagms, Jul 29, 12:32 am

Haven't used Illustrator for a couple of years now, so I went looking for an answer.

Does that help? I'm being lazy, and the link saves me from a lot of typing.

geek_kgbee, Jul 29, 6:12 pm

Thanks, yer thats what I was doing but it keep changing my shape, after 1 hr (google didn't help at all) I found the path was wrong after I change that it work should been the first thing i check guess i was a little tired. thanks again thou.

geek_godpagms, Jul 29, 11:17 pm