Trying to set up VOIP, how do I access the ATA?

I have a linksys RT31P2: aspx? id=305152953

... which is plugged into my regular router. My phone is then plugged into the ATA.

I just have no clue how to access the linksys to configure it (and no idea how to configure it either, but that is a whole other story).

i. e to access my router, I go to 192. 168. 1. 1 in a browser. I looked up the default settings for the linksys and it says 192. 168. 1. 15, but I'm thinking, wouldn't it completely depend on my network and DHCP etc etc? Only things in the routing table are the two computers and PS3s.

And yes I did email the seller, but no response. slingshot don't care either as I didn't buy a device supported by them.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

geek_smellyshelly, Jul 29, 8:25 pm

Plug the "internet" port into your router, plug a computer into one of the LAN ports on the ATA and refresh the network connection, then look up connection properties to find the gateway address, that will be the ATA (even if it's the same IP as the internet router, the ATA will be doing a 2nd NAT)

That's how mine worked anyhow. . I can't be bothered looking up the manual for yours because I'd be fairly surprised if it didn't work the same way.

When you're done configuring it you can plug the computer back into the DLS router directly and just ignore the ATA's LAN ports. You won't be able to reach the configuration page from your normal LAN, which to the ATA is it's "internet" interface.

geek_little_egypt, Jul 29, 8:37 pm

Thanks very much, I'll give that a go.

geek_smellyshelly, Jul 29, 8:49 pm

That worked, thanks very much. Just got to figure out how to configure the blasted thing now, I will hassle slingshot in the morning.

Annoying that they don't even send out a basic list of settings. They offer iTalk but don't seem to know how to set it up.

geek_smellyshelly, Jul 29, 9:14 pm

When you ring them they should give up the number and a few other things you need

geek_hayster94, Jul 29, 9:49 pm

World Exchange was easy. . they give you a provisioning URL (one line, like a web address) that you enter, save and reboot. It picks up all the settings from that.

Although generally all you need is the 'proxy' server's address, phone number/username and password. Defaults for everything else should work.

geek_little_egypt, Jul 29, 11:10 pm