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mone, May 13, 2:45am
Suspended from ISP for using Torrents ! My ISP suspended me for 5 days for using torrents. They said Lions Gate Entertainment sent them a notice about me using torrents. My ISP said if it happens again, they will have to disconnect me, because of threat from Lions Gate.

darrylwilliams, May 13, 2:46am
What ISP? :)

sighkick, May 13, 2:50am
Yeah, what ISP? Friend sent me a PM on Yahoo! a while ago telling me that a Rellie got a letter from Paramount accusing him of downloading a movie he's never seen before. Methinks we will have to be more vigilant! Bugger!

evoeater, May 13, 2:51am
Probably Xnet They have a 2 strike policy, you get 1 warning, any more and they kick you off. However with the new copyright law in effect ISPs are now bound by law to do something about those notices so don't be surprised if other ISPs start doing it as well

sighkick, May 13, 2:55am
The Rellie mentioned above .... uses XNet too... so it looks like it is an XNet thing. The point is, he does do torrenting but he never downed that particular movie.

mone, May 13, 2:55am
Evoeater is right Xnet

mone, May 13, 2:56am
They said one of my torrents happened to be a Lions Gate licensed product.

sighkick, May 13, 2:57am
New thread perhaps? Heading: XNET Dobs Users In for Torrenting!

graw3, May 13, 2:59am
Im on xnet using rapidshare, getting full speed download n all movies games and applications, fun fun fun

mone, May 13, 3:01am
Sighkick 2 possibilities. The Anti-Piracy investigation Company commissioned by the big Entertainment Companies track IPs of downloaders, or that Xnet dobs them in. Considering the struggle for ISP market share, I think it is the latter. I dont think Xnet can afford to kick customers out, but xnet also cannot afford lawsuits or legal actions.

mone, May 13, 3:01am
Sorry I mean its the former .

sighkick, May 13, 3:04am
Then wonder why.... Everyone mentioned so far, poster #1 and my rellie are both on XNET - coincidence? Are they actively monitoring traffic? Are the XNET clients all bad buggers and we are all ^Angels^ ?

paddaricko, May 13, 3:16am
They'll be outa business in quick time if they follow through on everyone that does it. Lol, that they weren't even accurate with the actual movie he's supposedly downloaded.

paddaricko, May 13, 3:19am
Does he use peerguardian? Apparently not fail safe but adds some security to your downloads.

mone, May 13, 3:21am
#13 paddaricko tXnet wouldnt be doing it unless they really have to. Obviously the threat of legal action worries them. You think the manager would risk his job by kicking out customers unnecessarily?

evoeater, May 13, 3:36am
#12 Xnet don't monitor the traffic themselves, they act on notices given to them by the piracy police. They then link the IP to whoever was logged on at the time and tell them. Stay off the public trackers and/or rent a seedbox

dudekrulz, May 13, 3:36am
@#1 You're probably a dumbass that didn't set encryption on in your torrent options and/or use a port that being tracked. El stupido.

mone, May 13, 3:45am
Dudekrulz probably, i regret not hanging out with geeks at school.

qazzy03, May 13, 3:50am
I am on xnet 2 However i have to agree with above. Be careful with which sites you download form. Xnet doesnt care what you do but if a torrent site gave up your IP and it can be traced backed to your ISP then they have to do something about it. I use peerguardian2 sometimes, if i am not downloading from the piratebay, isohunt or superfundo. These sites will not give up your IP addresses but other sites will.
ps make sure you have utorrent's encryption on.

dudekrulz, May 13, 3:51am
You do know... that people that typically look like geeks in high school comeout quite hot in later life and more successful in typically all aspects of life. Nice stereotyping though. Anyway, to properly help you out, what torrent client you got? Also some of the tools used by hired anti-pirate groups is the use of what I call 'baiter-torrents'. See moi video I made when Mediadefender emails and phone calls got leaked (due to lack of basic corporate security on one end and the dumbass that forwarded all the internal company email to a gmail address):

dudekrulz, May 13, 3:54am
If you have utorrent go to 'preferences' then 'bittorrent' then under 'protocol encryption' set it to 'enabled'. Also with your port, make sure it's a port 60,000 and up and or course if needed, forward that port and make sure the 'randomize port' box is unticked (unless you are ultra paranoid and don't mind a slower speed for extra paranoidic security).

qazzy03, May 13, 3:56am
You dont have to be a geek... I didn't start until i got to Uni.
only then did i learn of the magical world of p2p.

mone, May 13, 3:58am
#20 dudekrulz I never found any geek boys or non-geek boys hot, but thats just me. Anyway I am thinking of using peerguardian2 or some other programme to hide or at least block my IP. that would be a great start.

dudekrulz, May 13, 3:58am
Also the use of private trackers greatly reduces the chance of 'baiter' torrents.

dudekrulz, May 13, 3:58am
@#23 Might slow down ya speed though.

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