What's a good netbook to buy? Asus, Acer or HP?

jaja6, Aug 1, 12:17am
Asus seems to be most expensive. Is it worth it? I want one for traveling overseas, looking at 10" at the moment. Is 10" big enough for practical use? Thanks.

0800xford, Aug 1, 12:46am
10" serves me well enough

flewy, Aug 1, 12:47am
i think ya should rephrase that ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... . .

nzoomed, Aug 1, 12:52am
ASUS is good quality. 10 inch should be big enough.

0800xford, Aug 1, 12:53am
apparently if you search for "play doh" it's a bit funny...

jaja6, Aug 1, 1:05am
Please don't be distracted. This message board is on "Computing".

flewy, Aug 1, 1:08am
sorry, heading back to basement now ... .

chuckie30, Aug 1, 1:09am
asus has a worldwide warranty, the others dont

jaja6, Aug 1, 1:10am
Are you using a 10" now? Or you wish you had a 10"?

jaja6, Aug 1, 1:13am
I still have the old Asus 15", very reliable and solid, but at 3kg, is a bit heavy to carry around. Cabin allowance is only 7kg.

mrtoken, Aug 1, 1:18am
i hve a hp mini, good machine, running 2gig of ram and even has 3g built in to it, just pop in a sim card and you have internet :)

jaja6, Aug 1, 1:25am
which model is your HP?

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