Best way to connect a parallel port printer

mattnzw, Aug 3, 3:09am
I have just setup my parents new computer, and it all setup fine without any problems, running windows 7 Pro 64bit. However they do have an old HP Laserjet 5L that they want to connect to it. Unfortunately these new motherboards no longer have a parallel port, so am looking at alternative options. The motherboard is a ASUS and it does have a LPT connector on the mother board, which you can connect an external connector and bracket to, but I have not been able to find one. My other option is to buy one of these cheap USB to Parallel port cables off trademe, but I have read that some people don't get them to work properly. My other option is to buy a parallel PCI card, but that is a more expenisve option and the ones I have seen don't say they are compatible with windows 7 64bit. ANyone know what the best solution may be. Anyone used a USB - parallel cable with a Laserjet 5L and window 7?

0800xford, Aug 3, 3:24am
can they not just buy a newer printer? [i'm not even being flippant]

little_egypt, Aug 3, 3:27am
how about 307740223 ?

$8 buy-now. .

mattnzw, Aug 3, 3:29am
I know, that was one option I gave them, as laser printers are so cheap, however the Laserjet 5L is fully compatible with window 7 and it does still work well. But if one of those cheap USB-parallel cablesworks that would be the cheaper option.

mattnzw, Aug 3, 3:33am
Thanks, yes they are the type that I have seen, but it doesn't mention whether window 7 has the drivers to make it run. I have read reviews from people who have said they have had difficultly getting these sorts of USB-parallel converter cables to work. I may just have to gamble on buying one, just to try it out.

Alternatively I could get one of these to connect to my motherboards LPT connector, but it is Gigabyte and by motherboard is Asusand they may not have exactly the same connectors. aspx? ItemID=389066

little_egypt, Aug 3, 3:40am
No idea about Windows7, but in Linux I just plug it in and the printer comes up like a USB one. Never had a problem with it. Cheap enough to take the gamble anyhow.

richms, Aug 3, 4:18am
laserjet isnt a host based printer so you should be right on one of those cables.

Its the older host based ones where everything was sent as an image to them that had problems on a non direct connection to the printer since the driver had to be able to read back in much more detail than you can thru an adapter cable.

wombatunder, Aug 3, 4:27am
Why not just go for a proper parallel port controller/adaptor card and abandon the idea of plugging sthg into the parallel port header on the motherboard? Generally the driver software comes with it. Example on TM is 307753360. You could check w. the seller as to whether the driver CD includes a Win 7 driver.

mrfxit, Aug 3, 4:32am
I have that printer & couldn't find an exact suitable driver for Win7.
Just as well I have Xp on my main computer.
Mine is run via a Mini HP ethernet print server.
Runs very well like that.

mattnzw, Aug 3, 6:53am
Thanks, I have checked and they have confirmed that that particularcard won't work on windows 7 64 bit. At least with the mother board connection bracket it should work, as it is part of the motherboard. I will probably first have to try one of those USB cables.

mattnzw, Aug 3, 6:57am
Really, the HP website says that windows 7 has the drive for it built in http://h20000. www2. js
p? lang=en&cc=us&taskId=120&prodSeriesId=3463669&

It it doesn't work I will just have to network up the old windows XP computer I have to print through it.

r.g.nixon, Aug 3, 7:40am
Set up a minimal install of XP in a virtual machine (e. g. with VirtualBox)

mrfxit, Aug 3, 8:56pm
What they say on a generic page compared to what they or Microsoft WILL supply, are 2 different matters.

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