Laser printer owners -replacing toner cartridges

susievb, Aug 3, 5:26am
Have any of you tried the remanufactured toner cartridges off here, if so are they any good?

If good (for home use printer) what brand/seller did you go with?

malachiman, Aug 3, 5:34am
What type of printer do you have. A lot of them still have a of toner left even when saying empty.
I just reset the toner page count on mine and have done over 500 pages more since no toner message.

susievb, Aug 3, 5:41am
It's a BROTHER HL-2140 Mono Laser Printer.

malachiman, Aug 3, 5:46am
This trick works for some of the brother lasers, it didn??

chito, Aug 3, 5:51am
With those cheap Brothers, you have to unscrew the side panel and set the lever arm back to the top. When the cartridge first goes into the printer, the arm moves to reset the counter. I take it you've got a 2050 or 2150 cartridge.

susievb, Aug 3, 5:59am
Cool thanks for that, but in the end it will run out and I will want to replace the cartridge, so I am still curious about about the generic replacements off here.

susievb, Aug 3, 6:02am
I would be replacing the TN2130 cartridge that it came with.

malachiman, Aug 3, 6:07am
Hardly worth it on that printer, be the same price as buying a whole new printer.

morrisman1, Aug 3, 6:41am
i think our one is re-filled, it was probably cartridge world. Its going just fine and has been for a long time

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