New Vodafone charge for a static IP

kalevala, Aug 3, 5:29am
Vodafone are now charging $22 a month for a static IP - anyone know the reason for this? Have managed with a (free) dynamic IP for the last five years.

vtecintegra, Aug 3, 5:30am
If you don't need a static IP then why do you care?

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 5:31am
There are many reasons for that. If you don't know them, then you don't need a static IP :P

kalevala, Aug 3, 5:31am
Because have just found the charge on my account!

jcmp21, Aug 3, 5:32am
Who really needs a static IP anyway?

little_egypt, Aug 3, 5:33am
I gather you do not want, and never asked for, a static IP. Correct?

Phone vodafone up and ask WTF is going on. Nobody here is going to know.

charles.j, Aug 3, 5:33am
why do you need a static exactly?

charles.j, Aug 3, 5:34am
ah. . now I get it lol

nizmonut, Aug 3, 5:34am
you can switch from dynamic to static and back again from the router/gatways url page.

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 5:34am
Ring Vodafone then, get it switched back to dynamic. You don't need it unless you do any of the following:

Running servers, remotely connecting to your desktop... basically if you need to connect to your PC remotely at any time, having a static IP is very handy. And even then, there's software that can be used with dynamic IPs that can achieve the same result as having a static IP.

little_egypt, Aug 3, 5:36am

suicidemonkey, Aug 3, 5:37am
Don't think so. . The service has to be activated from the ISPs end.

kalevala, Aug 3, 5:37am
Correct little_egypt! Just thought I'd seek enlightenment here first before I waited for 40 minutes on the phone to Vodafone... . It could be useful to have a counter argument if they claim it's "necessary" or "standard".

vtecintegra, Aug 3, 5:39am
Ahh that makes sense

Also ask them to reverse anything static IP charges you've already made without noticing

little_egypt, Aug 3, 5:39am
Yeah, got to give Rajesh time to finish his curry...

kalevala, Aug 3, 5:40am
Thanks, suicidemonkey, that's the info I needed. So, it might be useful when travelling, but that means paying for it only for a specific time frame.

little_egypt, Aug 3, 5:42am
It's really only useful if you want to run a DNS or mailserver. Just about anything else can be worked around with dyndns, which is free.

flewy, Aug 3, 5:43am
voda have always charged for static ip.

jcmp21, Aug 3, 5:46am
And that's related to OPs question how?

mattnzw, Aug 3, 5:47am
$22 is a rip off anyway. I get charged $1 per month for my website that needs one.

kalevala, Aug 3, 5:58am
mattnzw - which ISP do you use? Have just listened to 10 mins of crap muzak interspersed with an officious voice saying "We're sorry to keep you waiting. Please stay on the line... . "

little_egypt, Aug 3, 6:01am
For $22 a month I think you could probably get a hosted VPS somewhere. .

mattnzw, Aug 3, 6:02am
It's not an ISP, but a web host. However dedicated IP's are the same thing and can be used for many different things, they are that number that looks like 192. 168. 1. 1, and if you have a dedicated IP, you have your own unique number on the internet.

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