Intel Turbo Memory Driver

sheidinice, May 13, 8:00am
Please HELP - Intel Turbo Memory Driver..... My almost brand new laptop keeps shutting down and this is the diagnosis message i get.....

This problem was caused by Intel Turbo Memory Driver (iaStor.sys), which was created by Intel Corporation.

Is anyone at all able to help me get rid of this or tell me what i have to do?

Any and all help gratefully accepted :-)

charles.j, May 13, 8:02am
.... is it under warranty? if not then you could try start your computer with "last known good config"

sheidinice, May 13, 8:07am
Im sure it is under warrenty as only about 2 months old. Is it a computer problem? or something downloaded??

sheidinice, May 13, 8:31am
Can I not download something to fix or something?

charles.j, May 13, 8:34am
Seriously.. if its under warranty take it back... atleast you can be guranteed a fix then

sheidinice, May 13, 8:37am
Problem is I work on it all day from home! :-(

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