Adaware/Lavasoft wont remove.

My Adaware has decided not to run so i attempted to remove it and reinstall it. It refuses to do so. It starts the "wizard/set up" tool and sticks part way through. Is there any other way to remove it other than through the add/remove programmes feature in the control panel? Thanks.

geek_saturn51, Aug 3, 11:15 pm

'Revo Uninstaller'

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 3, 11:24 pm

that program is so 2005, its not worth using anymore

get hold of revo uninstaller if you cant remove it properly

geek_pcmaster, Aug 3, 11:26 pm

And if that doesn't help try techguy forums - can't remember how I found them. Just google probably

geek_mcgillra, Aug 3, 11:26 pm


geek_deodar1, Aug 3, 11:43 pm

Thanks people, tried it and success.
What is another one to use if Adaware is past it`s use by date?
Thanks again

geek_saturn51, Aug 4, 1:08 am

Malwarebytes php

Download and update.

geek_blenheim-trader, Aug 4, 1:10 am

malwarebytes is great for detecting malware

unfortunately the free version doesn't have real time protection, so you have to get infected 1st before it does its job

that's why i also install threatfire as their free version has real time protection and use malwarebytes to get a 2nd opinion

geek_wickedtrader, Aug 4, 1:47 am

Great, thanks for all your help people. Most appreciated.

geek_saturn51, Aug 4, 12:07 pm