*** Anyone joined up with 2 degs 3G in a motorhome

standard, Aug 4, 9:18am
Interested to hear from others who might have if they are using a laptop. Better than Telecom or Vodafone?

gyrogearloose, Aug 4, 9:31am
You do realise that 2degrees only launched 3G today, it may be too early to ask people for feedback: http://computerworld.co.nz/news. nsf/news/at-the-2degrees-3g-

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 11:02am
Also its expensive outside of their coverage areas. Probably not so good for a motorhome.

deathrow2004, Aug 4, 11:06am
I have a 2deegrees sim in my backup cellphone, the others on vodafone

richms, Aug 4, 11:52am
Pricing looks ok, but they roam onto vodafone outside the centers so you get vodafones craptastic network there at very high prices.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 12:12pm
The vodafone network is fine

richms, Aug 4, 12:31pm
Bollux it is fine, GPRS fall back all the time is not fine for a mobile internet connection.

vtecintegra, Aug 4, 12:56pm
Sounds like your device doesn't support 900MHz UTMS. Mine does and I almost never see it drop to 2g.

gbbrot, Aug 4, 7:43pm
Still competitive (i. e. less than Vodafone)

vtecintegra, Aug 5, 3:05am
That is only true if you don't buy a data pack and use more than 18MB in a day or you do buy a datapack and use less than 68MB in a month.

Otherwise vodafone is marginally cheaper

suicidemonkey, Aug 5, 4:47am
I travel all around the north island for work, and even in remote locations i'm yet to have no internet access on XT.

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