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tanya170, Aug 4, 9:27am
For a complete novice and I truely mean novice, only just bought laptop. Who would be best and cheap to hook up with to run a simple website from, easy access for me to make changes and to ad link from other site. Am making one on mac.

dunedin_ree, Aug 4, 9:32am
What kind of site?

tanya170, Aug 4, 9:34am
Site with some photos and info for holiday home

little_egypt, Aug 4, 9:41am
I'd suggest google apps. Getting the DNS set up and recognised can be a bit tricky but once it's set up it's really easy to update the website, create new mailboxes, etc.

mattnzw, Aug 4, 10:21am
Being a self proclaimed novice, you will definitely need good hosting support. Would recommend you don't go for the cheapest, as they probably won't help you with support for your software, as they will only cover hosting related issues. You should check with them first to see the level of support they offer. You will also probably need one with WebDav, if you are using Mac, or you will need on with good support on Macs and FTP.

dunedin_ree, Aug 4, 10:23am
Being on a Mac is completely irrelevant if you use software that your host provides to make a website with.

Wordpress can be used to very quickly and easily make a decent-looking site with photos.

All you need is an FTP client (and only for very occassional use).

I use Dreamhost: there are others.

flewy, Aug 4, 10:27am
google apps FTW, , I spent ages trying to workout Ubuntu server with email server , dam never could get it, , , , GApps took me less than 20min to figure, , was so pissed it was like that as I never had heard of it LOL

mattnzw, Aug 4, 10:28am
They are probably going to make their website in iWeb, or whatever apple calls it, as I have seen so many people with macs setup iweb websites. Using that, you need WebDav, or you need to host it with Apple. You can use FTP too, but it is more difficult.

flewy, Aug 4, 10:29am
This dude in EVERY webhost/website thread proclaims that ONLY nz servers and higher cost host are of any good, this is absolute bollocks to the unth degree... Yes shop around but and look for good support but it need not cost more than 5-8$ NZ a month... . .

mattnzw, Aug 4, 10:32am
Maybe it's fine for you, as you may know what you are doing, but you probably don't use Telecom either. However for people who don't know what they are doing, they need additional support. You don't usually get that sort of support from a budget provider. Show me one that does give great support for complete novices.

dunedin_ree, Aug 4, 10:35am
Yeees, and my suggestion was to *not* do that. Well, to not host it with Apple anyway (address blurgh) ... and for total ease of use a web interface (click ... add page ... type content ... upload photo ... . click publish) beats editing it on your computer and uploading it anyday.

For a total novice, as the OP is, I recommend web-based software, not build it yourself and upload.

little_egypt, Aug 4, 7:36pm
which is why I suggested google sites. It's really easy for a total beginner, they give you quite a lot of storage for free (and you can easily upgrade to heaps more for $50 per year) and lots of online support. Although once it's all set up you really won't need any more support.

topqualitynz, Aug 4, 8:45pm
I have a part-share in a web hosting company in New Zealand, but to avoid self promotion, I recommend HostingDirect. Purchase a domain via their site for $19. 95 (+GST) and you can get completely free web hosting. ( -
nz/services/free-web-hosting). -
Then from there, I would recommend you use WordPress to make the site as it is so incredibly easy.

malachiman, Aug 4, 9:34pm
Hope you never loose your job to outsourcing to india/china.

I think supporting local NZ companies as much as possible is a good idea.

They have great uptime (actually my sites have never been down) good pricing and its all localservers. (A lot of ???webhosts??? actually wholesale of them)

newbie5, Aug 5, 3:50am
buy a domain from or around $9 a year and host with or cost will be about $6 NZ a month and they have website builders if you need them

tanya170, Aug 5, 8:38am
Thank you all very much for your help.

davedog, Aug 5, 8:47am
I am a mac and iweb user. You can host iweb websites anywhere (I host mine with domainz) and the new version of iweb can upload to anywhere using ftp.

iweb is very easy to use, and produces some fantastic looking sites too

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