Buying a laser printer...

star555, Aug 6, 12:30am
Anyone got any recommendations on home office laser printers? any particular brands that stand out? know of any stores having a sale on in Auckland this weekend? only want to spend $200-$300 cheers

d.laidlaw, Aug 6, 1:30am
have always had good results from Brothers

radiowaves, Aug 6, 1:34am
+1 Brother

duggin, Aug 6, 3:22am
Bought a 2nd hand HP1100 five years ago - good printer so far.

0800xford, Aug 6, 3:25am
i gave away an HP printer
my epson here is good, it's inkjet though

smoothjazz, Aug 6, 4:12am
If you are looking for a mono color one, Brother HL-2140 is the cheapest option at the moment for only $119 at DSE

malachiman, Aug 6, 4:16am
Brother hands down in that price range.

segadc, Aug 6, 6:09am
look at the prices of toners/drums with laser printers. Often you'll find really good deals on the price of the printer but when it's time to replace the toner you can end up with a cost that almost rivals the cost of the printer in the first place.

floydbloke, Aug 6, 6:47am
agreed, defintiely consider how much printing you expect to do. I last bought one two or three years ago and although the low-end Brother was cheapest to buy, the yield per toner cartridge was poor. Apart from cost, there's also the 'greenness' of this to consider if you care about this sort of thing. I ended up buying a Kyocera, 6000 pages per cartridge, I'm still on the one that came with it.

davedog, Aug 6, 7:00am
I've always been a HP fan - never had a problem with them. Think that the toners might be a little on the rich side... moved to a canon lately, that seems to be ok too... on our first toner cartridge...

zigzag2326, Aug 6, 9:03am
Brother laser printers are a top quality product. As i use to work in a stationery store i would always recomend brother for laser. Yes the toners are dearer to by but i you compare the cost of a toner which will do 2500 prints from 1 toner against inkjet printers which will only do approx 250 - 300 back and white per cartridge you are better off with a laster hands down.

sapper1, Aug 6, 9:06am
I have recently purchased a Brother MFC7340 for $250 brand new - (there is a later model the MFC7440), I think the retailfor both machines is about $350-$450 each, depending on where you get them. The toner for this model is approximately $110 for 2600 pages (my HP colour inkjet costs about $84 for 500 pages), but there are after market compatible toners for a heck of a lot less - if you trust them. But I agree with earlier posts, the cheaper purchase price of the printer will generally show in higher costs of the toners/inks. I have been using Brother Lasers for a long time now and have had little or no trouble with them- I have also found the Customer Service with Brother excellent.

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