Best printer for photos

suzieq1969, Aug 6, 2:00am
Just wondering if anyone can advise me as to a good value for money printer for printing domestic photo's and what sort etc. I no nothing about printers. Thanks.

d.laidlaw, Aug 6, 2:03am
epson photo series?

deej5, Aug 6, 2:14am
I would agree. I have an Epson R800 and the quality is incredible.

d.laidlaw, Aug 6, 2:16am
I have a photo 1200 I got going on 10 years ago. Have seen the output from the newer printers and while impressive I just don't do enough these days to warrant purchasing one.

Sad really. The 1200 was a loyal friend!

segadc, Aug 6, 6:22am
+1 for Epson

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