1GB in 16min

ply-boy, May 13, 7:07pm
1GB in 16min is that fast?

charles.j, May 13, 7:34pm
.... well its faster than me lol

swivel, May 13, 8:20pm
No... It's slow.

papariccardo, May 13, 11:49pm
That's haulin arse (fast). You do that in NZ? What sorta pipe you got?

ply-boy, May 14, 12:51am
Just did it at home... FS/FS Wnt along at 900kB/s

0800xford, May 14, 2:41am
.... nice, where from?

derekguy, May 14, 2:43am
From a NZ mirror or Microsoft site? That is nice and quick. The best I've got is around 700-800 from Easynews & 1Mb from the Citylink mirror (but that was probably using the WIX) also on FS/FS.

peepme, May 14, 3:34am
Derekguy i average 930 from easynews and i also use Reget download manager

charles.j, May 14, 3:40am
.... the best i've ever had was late at night.. ubuntu was updating... 982kbps. Never had anything close since

mirageone, May 14, 4:13am
>>> holy sh!t thats fast. most i had was 750.. that was like.. a 5min long spike. never had it since. you on telstra cable ?

pawlovers, May 14, 5:02am
I get over 4mb xnet...

derekguy, May 14, 7:31am
4Mbit/s / ~8 = ~500kbit/s I'm assuming you are talking about megabits right?

shopie, May 14, 7:44am
500kbit/s = ~60kilobytes/s != 4Mbit/s = 500kilobytes/s

jmpcwiz, May 14, 8:22am
#1 thats like what my wireless transmits over the network! Its slow as! but sure wish I could download like that :D

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