Please help - setting up a network printer ...

lablvr01, Aug 7, 1:07am
I have purchased an HP LaserJet 9000DN network printer. Silly thing has a strange parallel port connection which nobody seems to be able to find a cable for (have tried Jaycar and DSE), so my only option is to network it.

I have plugged my network cable into my laptop, and the printer, and have tried adding it using the printer's IP address (which is - oddly - 0. 0. 0. 0 [that's from the printout summarising all of its system information]).

But the printer isn't recognised.

I have also tried downloading the drivers from the 'net but they're not being picked up.

In printing another system information page from the printer, I see that it says 'I/O card not ready - LAN ERROR - LOSS OF CARRIER' ... what does this mean? [Does it perhaps mean it doesn't have a network card? ].

Any help would be very much appreciated! (I have tried Google, HP ... everything! ).

The printer is eight years of age.

segadc, Aug 7, 1:15am
If the printer didn't have a network card you wouldn't be able to plug the network cable into it.
If the HP9000dn has a control panel on it you will need to go into the settings and change the ip configuration to match that of your network. If it doesn't have a control panel you will need to look up how to perform a cold reset on that printer (usually involves holding a couple of buttons down when turning on).

and there is also a possibility that the JetDirect card (network card) has failed. I have had quite a few of them die on me over the years and they cost a good couple of hundred to replace.

lablvr01, Aug 7, 1:21am
Thanks - will see if I can take it back

gibler, Aug 7, 1:44am
the Jetdirect card(615n) in that model is indeed known to fail... I have 5 such jetdirect cads.

I should also have a standard parallel port... (not on the Jetdirect card)

lablvr01, Aug 7, 1:56am
Thanks gibler ... it definitely doesn't have anything 'standard'! Most odd and so very disappointing :(

duggin, Aug 7, 2:11am
At least TRY to see if it works before you take it back. Segadc's giving you good info. The printer's ip address usually is the same as your network's ip addresses. Change the printer's address to match that of your network. ie If your PC is set to 192. 168. x. x (where "x" can be different numbers), make sure your printer's ip address is set to the same - with the last "x" being differednt to anything else on your network. Also set the subnet mask of the printer to the same as your network.

Then ping the printer's address from the command line. Then if it time out, open a command prompt - (start, run, type "cmd" and click OK - without quotes), and type "ipconfig /all". If your network card's ok, you should get the printer's address in the reulting report. If the address is "169. x. x. x" then you've got a problem.

But try this first, rather than just giving up. {smile}

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 7, 2:29am
Cable you will be after (just fyi) is a mini centronics at a guess, auction 308746392

wombatunder, Aug 7, 2:33am
Actually, it's the JetDirect printserver inside that isn't being seen by the network. The 0. 0. 0. 0 IP address tells you this.

There's a paper here that might help you get to where you need to be:
http://h20000. www2. js
p? lang=en&cc=us&taskId=115&prodSeriesId=28650&am

Also this paper could be relevant, since it's listed as applicable to the 9050DN model:
http://h20000. www2. js
p? lang=en&cc=us&taskId=115&prodSeriesId=28650&am

If you don't need the printer to be networked... have you thought of asking the person who sold you this printer whether they still have the cable for the mini-Centronics interface?

little_egypt, Aug 7, 2:36am
You can't just connect it directly to your laptop unless you do quite a lot of configuration first.

The easiest way to get a network printer going is plug it into "a network"... . your DSL router, or whatever, configured with DHCP. The printer should then automatically be given a network address and start showing up when you browse the network in Windows with no extra effort required.

vtecintegra, Aug 7, 3:02am
It should have a standard female parallel port - http://en. (see second picture)

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 7, 3:14am
Looking up pictures on the net of the formatter board shows a mini centronics. HP seemed to be doing that for a little while.

duggin, Aug 7, 3:17am
Here's a link for the manual -

Might help you. has pictures of revelant cables et al.

pyro_sniper2002, Aug 7, 3:18am
Wrong link

vtecintegra, Aug 7, 3:19am
Ebay then

lablvr01, Aug 10, 2:06pm
Thanks everyone - great info here ...
The person I bought it off said they didn't have the right cable, hence why I've been trying to network it.
Thanks for all your very helpful replies :)

gibler, Aug 10, 8:47pm
http://bizsupport1. austin.
al/bpl10594/bpl10594. pdf

lablvr01, Aug 12, 9:25am
Thanks SO MUCH everyone! I've ordered a mini centronics cable and, if that doesn't work, then will call Dial a Geek to get them to look at it. Thanks heaps for the manual too, gibler - I'll print that out now.

Have a great night all! :)

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