Netbook, is the Acer eMachine any good? Any one

jaja6, Aug 9, 8:26am
got one and have any issue with it? At $400, with 1G Ram and 160GB hard drive, looks like a very good deal.

dunedin_ree, Aug 9, 8:29am
Acer is not considered to be a reliable brand.

flewy, Aug 9, 8:38am
Acer has been established as the worst of all.

johnf_456, Aug 9, 8:42am
No, get something like an asus php? item=NBKANB001
Not the best example but its more to give you an idea on whats better, they are cheap for a reason. Same spec to, and it has the Asus badge. I have used asus for years and it has been very good to me.

jaja6, Aug 9, 8:43am
Interesting. I wonder how Acer becomes the third(? ) biggest pc manufacturer in the world when having such a bad reputation?

stuw, Aug 9, 8:44am
We have two of them, had them for about three months, so far they have been fantastic. I can't fault them. The Kids LOVE them.

guyh, Aug 9, 8:47am
Well I have an Acer eMachine Netbook, 250G HDD & 2G memory and can not fault it. Does what I want it to do, what else can you ask for? ?

Seems most of the "knockers" want something that is high spec and want it to do things that a netbook is not designed to do. After all, a netbook is only designed for searching the net & checking e-mails while you are travelling and that is all I use it for.

stkel, Aug 9, 8:49am
Wait until you need to get service or parts.

Acer are a disaster (and I should know, I've had four and currently have two that are semi dead). I dread having to take them to acer for repair, it would be nicer to stick pins in my eyes.

jaja6, Aug 9, 8:54am
Thanks for the link, johnf. A few manufacturers use the same chip, Intel Atom N450. In term of performance, I suppose they are are pretty much the same?

0800xford, Aug 9, 8:55am
we must, shift, some units...

johnf_456, Aug 9, 8:56am
+1 : had to get parts for a clients acer once was grossly over priced went vs (toshiba) went into the service center and got it the same day at 1/3 the price. Both were keyboards.

johnf_456, Aug 9, 9:00am
yea they do all intel or amd. But you have take into consideration other things like motherboard, quality of parts, features etc.

You can't fault intel or amd (for reliability, not performance), they are standard regardless. Not like other parts are they good or bad. CPU's rarely break ever on a pc vs other parts in a netbook / laptop. Unless its been owned by a moron who thinks its cool to put the laptop on there bed and block all the vents or never de dust it in the case of laptops / netbooks.

chillyxpress, Aug 9, 12:32pm
Like all brands you get good and bad eggs. What appears with Acer is that in our experience they have more bad eggs compared to other brands.

Many of us here use netbooks, I myself use an Eee PC S101. The subject in question is not netbooks, rather we just have a tendency to stay away from Acer products for the above aforementioned reasons.

missrat, Aug 9, 4:26pm
All i can say is my daughter has Acer, has had problem with it, but after sales service was very good.
Only thing is had to be sent away to Auck ( I think ) so the wait is longer. OK if you live thereor nearto uppose. Know another who has had one for 4 yrs, no problems at all. But all depends on models too, maybe newer ones are better, like most things some models better than others. ( like cars )Acer hasn't got good reputation, but may have improved, so why not look up some reviews, thendecide. Its is so tempting at times to purchase PC/laptop, because they are cheaper/on special, if you are short of funds, but in long term, paying bit more & making sure you have a decent one is cheaper overall. But dearer is not always better either, is it ?

pcfix4u, Aug 9, 7:34pm
A cheap laptop is a cheap laptop regardless of brand.

drcspy, Aug 9, 7:35pm
didn't read post #4 ?
Obviously not because it's nothing to do with specs or peoples expectations it's about RELIABILITY as shown from a study of thousands of laptops... ... ... ... . doh !

vtecintegra, Aug 9, 10:15pm
That survey is flawed in many ways though, and not necessarily relevant to current models.

The real issue with Acer that I've run into is poor after sales support, with parts being unavailable or overpriced

hdmovies, Aug 9, 11:12pm

johnf_456, Aug 10, 2:40am
Thats for sure, see my earlier example. Same with cars, some can take more abuse more than others. Toshiba and Asus have always been good to me.

guest, Nov 19, 11:09am
Acer E-machines are very unreliable and after sales service is appalling. AVOID!

guest, Nov 19, 11:14am
The Acer E-machines net-book has a very weak screen and is easily damaged, even under warranty they will charge nearly

guest, Sep 16, 10:52pm
heads up they are the worst machine of all. I had mine for 6 months and went through absolute hell with the damn thing. Problems after problems that in the end I put my foot down and now have an compaq and no problems what so ever. I would honestly avoid any acer with a very large barge pole. There customer service absolutely sux

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