help with installing printer software on vista

ldon017, May 14, 1:36am
Help with installing printer software on vista this is the problem i am having can any one one help with administrator rights

This software cannot be installed using the 'Run as...' command. The installation cannot continue until this is resolved.

Required Action: Click Cancel to exit this software installation. Log off and then log on as a user with administrator privileges. (Contact your system administrator for more information.) If there is no system administrator, have the primary user of this computer install the software. Restart the installation by removing and re-inserting this installation CD.

mcceltic, May 14, 1:44am
Right click the exe file and choose run as administrator

ldon017, May 14, 1:46am
I did but still will not install

soodanim, May 14, 1:49am
Hmmmm This software cannot be installed using the 'Run as...' command so did you just try installing it? Does the software disc autorun when you put it on the drive?

ldon017, May 14, 1:53am
Downloaded of hp site cause i lost my cd for the printer scanner etc

soodanim, May 14, 1:56am
Ok... so it says it can't be installed using "Run as" so have you just double clicked the setup exe?

ldon017, May 14, 2:04am
This is the name of the software i tried just double clicking to install same issue

it is a application

and this is the web site i stalled from<br />en&product=306888&os=228&lang=en


soodanim, May 14, 2:06am
Problem solved

Operating system(s): Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows XP I won't install on Vista...You'll have to find Vista drivers for it.

ldon017, May 14, 2:10am
Operating system is not the problem it has passed this by install in compatibility mode

soodanim, May 14, 2:16am
So it's working then? never thought of the compatibility mode doh!

ldon017, May 14, 2:19am
This is what happens i right mouse click install as admin it starts no problems at all get right thru the only thing it does not pass is the admin rights

ldon017, May 14, 2:20am
No... i will not intall until admin rights are is sorted it cancells it

oldman, May 14, 2:29am
The compatability mode is intended for use with programs (ie an old version of Microsoft Office 97). It is extremely doubtful if the compatibility mode will allow you to install drivers etc for a printer. This is probably the most common complaint made about Vista. Drivers for a lot of peripherals (particularly printers) simply do not exist.

soodanim, May 14, 2:32am
Ok well the operating system is the problem then it's not for Vista...

ldon017, May 14, 2:34am
I have used vista driver but find some times my nscanner will not work or some goes for the printer it is a real pain why shopuld i go out snd get a new printer when my one worked fine with other operating systems micro soft should fix this issue i am sure i am not the only one out there that is haver issues with there printers

drcspy, May 14, 2:35am
Compatibility mode is NOT for installing drivers it's for running programs.....

soodanim, May 14, 2:36am
Lol why didn't you research first whether your hardware was compatible with Vista? It's not something Microsoft need to fix.

soodanim, May 14, 2:37am
They are trying to install software... tho aren't I am really confused....going to go and drink lots of coffee...good luck

drcspy, May 14, 2:40am
Drivers allow HARDWARE to interact within and with windows........they are in that way VERY different to PROGRAMS.....they ARE software but you either have a driver written for vista or you dont........

soodanim, May 14, 2:42am
Sure but I have software that comes with my printer that doesn't have anything to do with I can choose to install them or not...I assumed they were now trying to install such "PROGRAMS" but they have 2000/XP versions...not Vista

drcspy, May 14, 2:43am fact with a TINY bit more research they coulda found this page:<br />&os=2093

drcspy, May 14, 2:44am
And sood..........that software which comes with the printer......wont obviously work WITH THAT PRINTER unless the PRINTER DRIVER is installed thus allowing the printer to communicate with the pc and print.....

soodanim, May 14, 2:47am
But they said drivers vista drivers are installed and they've been using it, like I said I am confused by what they are saying...but anyway.

ldon017, May 14, 2:51am
I have been to that part of the site as well but like i said some times the printer does not work as well as my scanner just loses communcation don't know why it just does

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