Shared printer probs

pericles, Aug 10, 12:52am
my IT man came in to do some work on the computers.
He uninstalled and reinstalled the printer, on one computer.
Now the other computer can't access the printer.
Help please

pcmaster, Aug 10, 12:55am
get him back to fix it for you.

pericles, Aug 10, 12:57am
I am, but he is tied up for the rest of the week

malachiman, Aug 10, 1:00am
enable sharing on the printer

pcmaster, Aug 10, 1:01am
well find someone else and bill the guy who broke it in the first place.

pericles, Aug 10, 1:01am
done that, ticked the share box

gyrogearloose, Aug 10, 1:01am
Delete the printer, and then add it again, using the sharename used on the first computer (you might have to check what the share name is, or even share the printer first)

malachiman, Aug 10, 1:03am
You then need to remap the printer on the other computer most likely. . delete the printer on the computer that cant use it and then re select the shared printer.

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