DESPERATELY NEED HELP with word for mac download

leah14, Aug 10, 1:08am
i've got a job due an hour ago. i tried to download word for mac trial software but was unable to complete install - it did't recognise my product key. i downloaded another trial and it wouldn't install saying i had already downloaded a newer version.
so i downloaded and purchased a real version of it from microsoft, but as i went to install it, the pop up box said it couldn't as i had already installed a newer version.
i have a job due an hour ago and i'm really desperate. can someone help?

0800xford, Aug 10, 1:11am
UNinstall it, then INstall the one you want.

leah14, Aug 10, 1:24am
hi, i'm trying to uninstall it now. but i'm not sure how on a mac

leah14, Aug 10, 1:25am
i've already bought the real version

gibler, Aug 10, 1:29am
http://kb. iu. edu/data/aprq.html

gibler, Aug 10, 1:29am
make sure you remove trial versions too...

leah14, Aug 10, 1:32am
thanks, when i went through the remove process it said it only found one version. i've removed that and am re-downloading the retail version

leah14, Aug 10, 1:33am
i don;t really understand that though as i've actually downloaded two trial versions and a retail version.
why on earth doesn't it just replace the trial? or at least prompt a warning that you can't download the retail over teh trial?

0800xford, Aug 10, 1:54am
i almost can't believe you forked out cash before googling.

0800xford, Aug 10, 2:56am
yellow L indeed

leah14, Aug 10, 3:10am
don't know what you mean by "forked out cash before googling". googling what? it all seemed pretty straightforward: need mac for office? download it.
sorry, but what did i do wrong? or yellow?

drcspy, Aug 10, 3:15am
open office for mac is FREE and excellent... ... ... . google could'a told you that

0800xford, Aug 10, 3:17am
http://i33. jpg

malachiman, Aug 10, 3:21am
Would have been quicker to pop down to the shops and buy a physical disc.

gibler, Aug 10, 6:17am
heh the mac fanbois are going to get more os x n00bs...

dunedin_ree, Aug 10, 6:18am
Or to use the iWork trial which is probably already installed.

leah14, Aug 10, 8:00am
yes it would have been malachiman.

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