Cannot open newly created Word document

firemansgirl, Aug 10, 6:24am
I typed a letter to a friend, saved it onto my Desktop, and now when I go to open it, I get the message 'There Was A Problem Sending The Command To The Program' and it won't open. I am running Windows 7 if that makes any difference. This has not ever happened before and I can't work out how fix it. Any ideas?

gibler, Aug 10, 6:27am

gyrogearloose, Aug 10, 6:33am
What happens when you open the letter through the Documents shortcut from the Start Menu, or, when you start Word and then open the letter from the Recent Items list that appears at the bottom of the File menu?

firemansgirl, Aug 10, 6:47am
Thank you. I noticed it had saved it as letter. docx, whereas usually its as letter. doc so what is the difference?

firemansgirl, Aug 10, 6:48am
gyrogearloose... . I CAN open it from start menu, but not straight from Desktop.

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