ADSL2+ speeds not so flash.....

Here's the DSL information from my router http://img576. imageshack. us/img576/9601/adslz. jpg My connection always taps out at around 5mbps downstream. Is this due to line attenuation or line noise or other?

geek_puddleduck00, Aug 12, 11:42 am

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geek_0800xford, Aug 12, 11:43 am

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Your router stats mean nothing when it comes to real world download/upload speeds.

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 12, 11:56 am

It has been the same since I've had an ADSL2+ modem. It never goes over 5mbps on speedtest, and my downloads never exceed about 600KB/s. I mean sure that may seem fast to some people, but it's 2010 and ADSL2+ is theoretically capable of a lot more.

geek_puddleduck00, Aug 12, 12:35 pm png Chch server is down for me but you get the idea

geek_puddleduck00, Aug 12, 12:38 pm

You're not connecting at ADSL2+ speeds anyway.

Check if your area has been upgraded to a ADSL2+ exchange or roadside cabinet yet.

geek_lostdude, Aug 12, 12:39 pm

My exchange is ADSL2+ enabled... G. 992. 5 annex A I would think would mean I am connected via ADSL2+ not ADSL, but you're right the speeds certainly don't reflect that.

geek_puddleduck00, Aug 12, 12:40 pm

I'd give your ISP a call and make sure you're on ADSL2+

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 12, 12:45 pm

Is your area planned for a roadside cabinet?

geek_lostdude, Aug 12, 12:47 pm

i'd be more worried about your high ping than the speeds...
i only get around 5MB here in AKL downtown but my ping to local servers never exceeded 10. png

geek_m16a4, Aug 12, 12:52 pm

Pretty low speed if its actually adsl2. Im still using adsl and almost getting the same speed: png

geek_hayster94, Aug 12, 1:33 pm

Depends on the distance to the exchange/cabinet too, the age of the wiring in you house, and various other things. I get 11. 5Mbps in suburban Auckland but that's usually traffic managed down to something barely usable. Even Vodafone 3G in my area is 3. 3Mbps.

Definitely get some input from your ISP.

geek_carkitter, Aug 12, 4:07 pm

I had similar promises when Telecom "gave" me a new Thomson. We have just replaced it with a second Thomson. Sure haven't noticed any changes in speed.

I too think could be the wiring.

Please don't mention "Vodafone" their lousy phone/3g service in the Eastern Bays has me reviewing my contract.

geek_footplate1, Aug 12, 4:39 pm

It all depends on the time of day you test too, if i test at 7:00am in the morning I get 14000kbps but if I test at 7:00pm it can be as low as 1500kpps.
BTW we are with Vodafone.

geek_blue_meanie, Aug 12, 6:48 pm

Shes flying tonight png
Vodafone isn't meant to be traffic managed just massively overloaded at night

geek_blue_meanie, Aug 12, 7:03 pm