Printer advise please

rreid, Aug 13, 12:01am
Hi, I wanted to know peoples opinions and experience with multifunction printers. I was keen on the HP Officejet 8500, which was recommended by consumer; however the user rating were quite low. Some users were quite negative about it. Has anyone got one of these printers? And if so are you happy with it?
The other printer that was recommended was the HP Photosmart Premium C309a. Any opinions or experiences with this printer? Thanks.

badcam, Aug 13, 12:07am
What will you be using it for?
Do you need colour?

rreid, Aug 13, 12:21am
Yes, I was needing colour. Printer would mostly be used for general home use, occasional photos and printing of children??

thewomble1, Aug 13, 9:02am
I think you will find replacement cartridges for HP are quite expensive compared to other brands.

drsr, Aug 13, 10:03am
If you won't be doing much scanning or direct copying then don't buy an all-in-one, buy a good-quality dedicated printer like the Canon IP4700. They are cheaper and smaller, and the supplies are cheaper.

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