Chrome adblock

mlh19658, Aug 14, 9:45am
Doesn't show in add/remove prog's, didn't find in MB search so ask how to remove adblock. Slowing my system too much. Thanks.

radiowaves, Aug 14, 9:49am
Oh come on. It is not a program so add/remove won't work for obvious reasons.

I don't have that particular extension but try Right click and either uninstall or manage extensions.

It's not rocket science!

suicidemonkey, Aug 14, 9:51am
It won't be slowing your system down. . it's a very small basic piece of software.

cybertao, Aug 14, 9:59am
There are several different ad blocking extensions for Chrome. Some are better than others a few only stop the elements from being displayed; they still get downloaded.
I'm using https://chrome.
ocnamgkkbiglidom? hl=en at the moment and it seems to work really well.
I find Flashblock really useful as well https://chrome.
abjplobcaignabnl? hl=en

mlh19658, Aug 14, 10:05am
Thanks suicidemonkey & cybertao.

hayster94, Aug 14, 11:52am
Flashblock really helps now with all those dam annoying flash ads everywhere

ropes2, Aug 14, 2:34pm
top right corner is a spanner icon, press this and a tab opens, find 'extensions' this shows you the extensions you've added and lets you disable or uninstall them

mlh19658, Aug 14, 9:01pm
That's the one, ropes.

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