Building a gaming spec desktop

andre77, Aug 14, 2:17pm
Can anyone recommend any good websites in NZ for people that can build gaming comps please, i only know of playtech and has anyone dealt with playtech before?

nakiarnie, Aug 14, 2:32pm
computerlounge. they have forums u give a budget and they will make the full specs for you

ropes2, Aug 14, 2:35pm
Playtech are all good. You could build own, it's not hard, it'll save you money and you will learn something.

rgtrading, Aug 14, 9:13pm
Don't be afraid to take one quote somewhere else to see if they can beat or match it. I took a computer lounge quote to a local place ( and they matched it so I saved shipping and if I ever had any warranty concerns I can take it straight to them.

princessserena, Aug 14, 9:49pm
What sort of money are you wanting to spend? I would suggest building it ourself its a good learning excersize to. Just be aware that if you want to run over 4gb of ram you will need to go 64bit os to recognise it. Which quite a few games dont operate in to well yet. Try running dual boot a 32bit and 64bit os should mean you can play most new and old games. The cross fire setups are starting to come in a better prices now would be worth looking into that.

damon3, Aug 14, 11:39pm
I have not come across any current games that do not run on Windows 7 x64, hell even quake 2 runs sweet, and I had wolfenstien (original) up and running yesterday off steam...

obct, Aug 14, 11:46pm
I've got a couple of computers built from recently, very cost-effective. is good, too.

jayc2007, Aug 14, 11:53pm
Honestly mate, just build it yourself.

It's really, really easy. Everything can only plug in to one place, there is very little you can do wrong, and you will save approx $200-300 if you're building a high-end machine. This would be the difference in getting more ram etc, or upgrading to a better CPU.

There are many people here on TradeMe who will help you choose all the right parts etc.

andre77, Aug 15, 3:09am
i have a budget of around 3000, i would love to build it myself, but wouldnt have a clue how to.
I want a powerful gaming desktop that will last a few years and play most titles on max settings, can anyone recommend anything?

andre77, Aug 15, 3:11am
and is nividia cards better than radeon?

andre77, Aug 15, 3:14am
have been looking at this:

with this card in it

Single NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 1. 5GB GDDR5 - DX11 / 3D Surround / PhysX Ready

andre77, Aug 15, 6:10am
bump help plz :)

vtecintegra, Aug 15, 6:45am
That system looks set up for overclocking. I certainly wouldn't go for water cooling if you're planning on running stock, or close to stock speeds.

andre77, Aug 15, 6:49am
what does overclocking mean?
Is it no good for gaming

vtecintegra, Aug 15, 7:02am
Its a good system, just more expensive than you need.

Overclocking means setting the CPU (and other components) to run faster than they are designed for. If you don't know what you're doing then I wouldn't advise it

jayc2007, Aug 15, 7:03am
Building it yourself is very very easy.

Over-clocking means changing some settings on the hardware to make it run faster than the original speed.

Just looked at that link you posted, you could build the same thing for $1600... Probably 1400-1500 if you hunt around and get some discounts on parts.

I'll post my suggestion of a build later tonight or tomorrow when I have time.

andre77, Aug 15, 7:05am
oh that would be awesome if you could :)

silver-trader, Aug 15, 7:37am
you could try something like this asp? idWebPage=39240&back=

jayc2007, Aug 15, 10:06am
Doesn't work that link

silver-trader, Aug 15, 2:29pm
Try this one: php? do=lista&k=20000

themuss11, Aug 16, 6:18am
pffft not really mate its all easy until something goes wrong then what... . you need to know a thing or two to sort it out. if every pc you have built has plugged all togeather and worked first pop every time you havnt built enough.

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