windows vista help please. Regarding sending photo

r.drummond, May 14, 6:56am
Windows vista help please. Regarding sending photo Previously I had XP and I could right click on a photo and click send to - mail recipient. How bluddy easy!!!! Now what the hell do I do??? I right click and don't have a send to mail recp option. I have a compress and email option but the photo goes through HUGE where as before it would reduce it to a nice email size. Please help. This is question 1 of about 500

elsy, May 14, 7:10am
Drummy im having fun with my vista, no im not, i can send photos, what if you click on file,ive got send to in there, give it a shot, good luck,ive downloaded avg free 8.0 and it deletes my internet explorer,i cant get the other one back now,blardy hell its confusing,

r.drummond, May 14, 7:57am
Hi elsy Yes, I can click on file - send to - but there is nowhere to send it to an email. Another problem I am having is that when someone sends ME a photo, I used to be able to right click and save but now I cant. I'm getting so shitty over this, lol

drcspy, May 14, 2:27pm
Install this: ImageResizerSetup.msi it's for vista

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