Windows7 oem vs windows 7 retail from dse etc

is there a difference between the OEM ver and the retail? aside from price?

geek_lunatick1, Oct 23, 3:26 pm

Same as far as I know... OEM supported by the "manufacturer" of the pc/laptop it's on vs retail supported by Microsoft

geek_soodanim, Oct 23, 3:28 pm

ta :) u know how much it cost to get a key to allow use for 2 computers?

geek_lunatick1, Oct 23, 3:28 pm

Free if you know where to look

geek_chrisynz, Oct 23, 4:36 pm

You pay the same per each license. One license per pc/laptop

geek_soodanim, Oct 23, 4:47 pm

You can buy a 3 user OEM pack for a marginal discount

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 23, 5:08 pm

any idea where to get that 1 from?

geek_lunatick1, Oct 26, 11:05 am't expect a great discount though, its still $623 for Home Premium

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 26, 11:57 am

why on earth would anyonepayforcrap like this, is beyond me... . .

geek_intrade, Oct 26, 12:02 pm

OEM can only be purchased in a hardware bundle, it can be anything from a complete computer to a USB stick

geek_laforet, Oct 26, 2:11 pm

No, OEM can be sold on it's own. I know ascent are shipping without any other hardware on the order.

geek_lucky3, Oct 26, 2:29 pm

Yeah, but it's violating the EULA. Wether that eula is enforceable in NZ is another question.

geek_osymandias, Oct 26, 3:03 pm

Maybe Ascent is breaking the terms of their agreement with MS, but it isn't in the EULA at all.

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 26, 3:09 pm

The OEM version is tied to the first motherboard you install it on, so if you upgrade your motherboard you won't (in theory) be able to reactivate Windows. With the OEM version you have to specify either 32-bit or 64-bit, with the retail version you get both discs. Also there's no phone support with the OEM version. You can still upgrade an OEM license key to another OEM version or a full retail version.

geek_drsr, Oct 26, 3:46 pm

Are you sure? I thought all CoA cover both 32 and 64 bit versions.

The USB stick part is what they do in Japan, pair OEM software with trivial hardware so to make it legal.

geek_laforet, Oct 26, 4:10 pm

i got told today at the place i got windows7 from i can install on 2 computers. . if not im wanting to know where i can buy a 2nd key from. without having to buy a 2nd cd and spend another 280ish bucks

geek_lunatick1, Oct 26, 11:01 pm

1 key; 1 computer

geek_lugee, Oct 26, 11:03 pm

u know where i can buy another key from? - i want it on both comps, but i really dont want to spend money buying another cd when i have the cd. . :/ i dont know which of the 2 to install it on :/

geek_lunatick1, Oct 26, 11:06 pm

When you buy an OS you're paying for the key not the disc.

geek_lugee, Oct 26, 11:38 pm

Isn't the main difference with an OEM licence that it is tied to the original machine - that is, it's not legally transferable, even if you uninstall from machine A before attempting to install on machine B?

IIRC, 'tied to the original machine' allowed a certain amount of flexibility for mobo/NIC/HDD changes and so on... but there's a limit. Rumour was that if the limit was exceeded, a quick call to MS was all that was required to get the key working again.

That might all be for XP or Vista... just my 2¢

geek_1wab, Oct 27, 12:46 am

The retail packs come with discs for both versions. When you buy the OEM version you only get the disc for the version you specify. The license key may well work with the other version if you have the correct disc for it.

geek_drsr, Oct 28, 7:50 am

Now that's a price I like, can I get several of those?

Linux is also free -sorry, just had to add that one in.

For now I'm staying with XP at least it doesn't ask me for drivers for my DVD Writer when I install it like win7 RTM does.

geek_kiwikidd77, Oct 28, 8:03 am

Husband ordered an OEM version Windows 7 and it arrived and it didn't work - as in - it was a bad disc - couldn't be read :( Now he has to arrange to get another one - sad!

geek_gypsywoman93, Oct 28, 10:17 am

Just FYI. Mac OS X snow leopard comes only in 1 version (2 if you want to count server version as well), no license key to activate, though your only suppose to install it on 1 computer only (conscious thing, plus the EULA thing). It seems Microsoft just like to confuse people with more version of Windows for each release...

geek_polignac, Oct 28, 10:45 am

I suggest anyone considering changing to Win7 first read the latest PC World. I have XP and will not even consider changing until such time as I buy a completely new computer. And as for an ungrade, lol. I don't need any headaches by changing to a system that doesn't break any records.

geek_bryshaw, Oct 28, 12:07 pm

Lol, thats a first. Is it connected to a parallel post or something silly like that?

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 28, 12:09 pm

My son has had the beta version of windows 7 since its release early this year, like vista was in the early days it is not compaitable with a LOT of software... .

geek_heavensentangel, Oct 28, 12:15 pm

What software? I haven't found anything that is incompatible with the RC aside from the HP printer software (fixed in the RTM)

geek_vtecintegra, Oct 28, 12:18 pm

I thought microsoft pay us for the mightmare

geek_12mcgiven, Aug 15, 4:56 pm

The usual dribble from you.

geek_swivel, Aug 15, 4:58 pm

Have to say, thats the first for me hearing that, (thats if it's IDE or Sata).

geek_swivel, Aug 15, 5:01 pm

NO It can be sold on it's own, Ring MS and ask, As the same with Vista, they don't like it, but it doesnt have to be sold with hardware

geek_swivel, Aug 15, 5:02 pm

I keep hearing this (usually from dodgy TM dealers) and I keep seeing FAQ's from Microsoft that deny it. I've also heard many stories about businesses getting burned by the BSA for buying perfectly authentic but not legal unbundled OEM software.

One of the great things about running Linux is that I never have to worry about this. No COA's, no EULA's, no product activation, no limit on the number of installs. You have to try pretty hard to actually fall foul of the GPL.

geek_little_egypt, Aug 15, 5:16 pm

Well i'm a Retail shop as well as a TM seller as well as a TC Auctions seller. And you don't have to sell with HD now.

geek_swivel, Aug 15, 5:30 pm

I walked into PB Tech and bought an OEM version. I assumed it was legal given the size of the company. From memory it was around $178 (Home Premium), I even have a GST invoice for it in front of me. I didn't buy anything else with it.

geek_kiwipippa, Aug 15, 5:33 pm

assuming you are buying home premium and it's for your own use, why don't you buy one of the family packs (for 3 pc's) that are here on trademe for about $325, it's upgrade only but will work for a clean install.

geek_jp.r, Aug 15, 6:55 pm

wow. thats alot of jargon.

Click on the "Start", Select "Run" and type "Regedit" and click ok.

This will open "Windows Registry Editor", Now you have to navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE ->SOFTWARE ->Microsoft -> Windows NT -> CurrentVersion

you will find the below mentioned values on your right hand side of the page.





Now, double click on them and change the value... . .

depending on the build number you put in depends on which version of windows it will update to.

I started out with 7200 beta, now running Ultimate, with full updates, etc.

geek_nizmonut, Aug 15, 7:06 pm

EPIC pointless nekkro #29

geek_0800xford, Aug 15, 7:58 pm

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