Antivir Solution Pro Demo - remove??

jimbob147, Aug 15, 5:53am
Can someone please help as I wish to remove this "antivir" from my notebook -

* it has either deleted somehow or disabled WLAN, and cannot get onto internet or enable it manually from network connection (hence using another comp)
- is there anyway to regain access to IE, or get back wireless?

* a box comes up on start up, "SQL Writer:SQLDUMPER Library failed initialization. your installation is either currupt or has been tampered with. please uninstall then re-run setup to correct this problem.

please help as I cannot do a malware scan - this antivir solution pro demo thing is declining access to everything.

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 5:57am
Restart in "Safe Mode with networking".
See if you can get to and get their free antimalware program.

dunedin_ree, Aug 15, 5:57am
Have you tried Malwarebytes in Safe Mode?

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:00am
Yeah, that too!

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:01am
yes have tried malwarebytes in safe mode (even with networking) and it doesnt pick it up -

and cannot get on IE even in safe mode either - as stated before, its like internet has been removed, ive even tried with the cable into router, and that doesnt seem to work either.

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:09am
Start > Run> CMD (enter).
See if ping works, or times out.

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:14am
comes up - could not find host. please check name and try again.

and also:it is not recognised as an internal or external command. operable program or batch file
? ? ? ?

dunedin_ree, Aug 15, 6:16am
Did you type: ping


r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:16am
Do you know the IP address of your ADSL router or wireless access point (if you use one)?
e. g. for me to test my PC to router, I enter the following
ping 192. 168. 1. 1

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:17am
yes - a few times just to make sure and above is what came up

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:18am
unsure of IP

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:20am
Antivir Solution Pro will blocks anti-spyware programs, Task Manager, Registry Editor and other useful system tools to protect itself from being removed. It will also block nearly all websites and especially security related ones. It won't let you download malware removal tools that why you will have to end Antivir Solution processes first or reboot your computer is Safe Mode with Networking. As you can see, the main purpose of AntivirSolutionPro is to trick you into purchasing the program. Don't purchase it. If you have already paid for it then contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Then please use Antivir Solution Pro removal instructions below to remove this malware from your computer as soon as possible. Also, beware of such misleading websites as

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:20am
have now found IP address (10. 0. 0. 2)
not sure if that helps

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:24am
havnt purchased ! ! thank god... .
will it work properly if i download from this laptop - save it to a usb chip, then save it onto notebook that is infected? ?

thank you

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:27am
Download what?

jimbob147, Aug 15, 6:29am
the automatic removal tool ? ?

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 6:29am
Oh, I see. Step 5 of the instructions. By the time you get there, you may be able to get to the site on the infected computer. If not, then do the USB thing.

swivel, Aug 15, 6:33am
Interesting as I use Malwarebytes to remove it off systems that come in for repair

0800xford, Aug 15, 7:24am
pretty annoying how those turkeys hide this down the bottom of the page...

http://i35. jpg

jimbob147, Aug 15, 7:42am
hmmmm... ... . just an update... . . so am now able to get onto IE through safe mode with networking... . . and have unticked box in tools>internet options>connections... as stated on the website given (^^further up page)
PC spyware Dr is now installed - comes up with how many "infections" are on computer - but! ! - it wont remove them... . .

0800xford, Aug 15, 7:43am
that is exactly why you shouldn't use that software, it's baitware.
use malwarebytes, as mentioned above.

jimbob147, Aug 15, 7:49am
thanks 0800xford - i will remove the malwarebytes thats on there now and reinstall that one - see if that works.

0800xford, Aug 15, 7:52am
it's called malwarebytes, you WANT to use this.
the other software you installed is called spyware doctor.

the devil is in the details, it's pays to be accurate mate.

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