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mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:12pm
i bought a new computer a couple of months ago and have just tried to connect the printer to it. but wont install. says there is a program required. how do i go about finding out what i need to install it.
printer is a HP photosmart is Acer running windows7 home premium.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:18pm
"says there is a program required"

does the printer have a disc? if not go to the hp site and download [then install] their printer software.

relic, Aug 15, 9:18pm
Hi, your printer should have a disc that go's with it. You will need to use this disc to install the printer drivers. cheers.

guest, Aug 15, 9:19pm
google your printer and download the driver for it

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:20pm
yes forgot to say that is with the disc in.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:22pm
try doing a windows update, i thought win7 was a bit more 'intelligent' about drivers now, no?

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:23pm
the disc may be in but did you install the software ON the disc?

guest, Aug 15, 9:24pm
Then install the driver program

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:28pm
how do i do that. last time i just put thedisc in and pushed install etc and was done.

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:33pm
also i asked on here abut antivirus. what was the one you recommended. was going to buy one but thought may as well download. just that being rural we have such slow internet.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:35pm
you possibly have autoplay for the drive disabled, right click on the drive [with the disc in] and choose "autoplay" or just double click it.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:36pm
apparently panda cloud is good for dialup.

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:39pm
ok have written all of that down. will check back later and see if you have anymore little hints for me. thanks. i am used to the old xp. found that really easy to use.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:41pm
hints for... ? just try it now and see what happens.

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:51pm
just tried but i dont think it supports windows7. says it is good for windows 2000, xp, xp64, vista and vista 64.

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:53pm
you can download it from hp but it's 311. 96MB ! ! ! ! !

http://h10025. www1. os=4062&

0800xford, Aug 15, 9:55pm
the disc you have may be older than win7, perhaps you can get some kind of "compatibility mode" working?
windows 7 home premium doesn't have this though, i think.

mudguts2, Aug 15, 9:57pm
might have to go into dick smith and see what i can get to have it working. thanks. its not an old printer but annoying that it wont work with new computer. thanks anyway. have looked at anti virus and will download tonight. thanks

0800xford, Aug 15, 10:05pm
what? you are going to BUY a new printer? just get the drivers, like i said the disc was made before win 7 was out so it won't be written on the disc.
that link i posted above HAS the drivers for win 7.

if you know someone with broadband ask if you can download the drivers with their connection, or maybe ask the local internet cafe or computer shop [not dse]

mudguts2, Aug 15, 10:30pm
ok thanks for that. not planning on buying a new printer as this works ok. but will see if my son will download drivers for me. he is in town and has broadband. thanks for that.

jcmp21, Aug 15, 10:33pm
A short term solution can be to use a virtual machine running XP or something that works, and send the file you want to print to the virtual machine and print from the installed printer there. I have had to do this with a 64 bit operating system that had no support for one of the office multifunction printers.

mudguts2, Aug 15, 10:40pm
im not that clever that i could do this even though i do give most things a try. . thanks anyway.

0800xford, Aug 15, 11:09pm
maybe they should have printed it out...

drcspy, Aug 15, 11:10pm
copy/paste ? ... .

I NEVEr write stuff by hand unless I absolutely HAVE to (have troubles reading my own handwriting anyway)

0800xford, Aug 15, 11:11pm
do you write IN CAPS TOO?

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