Printer refuses to print colour

pandana, Aug 16, 8:58pm
have a colour HP pcs2355 replaced the black and the colour cart. halve way through using the black the colour stopped working.

thinking it a software issue i removed and re installed the printer - no change. . any colour print wont work. . despite the cart. showing full

0800xford, Aug 16, 9:11pm
have you checked your head?

wombatunder, Aug 16, 10:44pm
Is it a new HP cartridge or a compatible?
First thing I'd try is to put the printer offline (keeping the power on), remove both cartridges carefully, then power off. Taking care not to touch the IC patches on the working side, gently roll the carts back and forth a few times to even up the viscosity of the ink.

Also check the nozzle of each cart and use a lint-free cloth to just blot off anything that might be stuck there.

Next, power up again but keep the printer off-line. Let the printer complain about the missing cartridges... then, with the power on, carefully replace and firmly re-seat them both. After you've done that, the printer should automatically go through its routine to align the print-heads (during which it fills the jets and tries to eliminate bubbles at the tops of the tanks).

Then, put the printer back on-line and (assuming Windows), use the Properties dialog for that printer to print a test page. If it's printing the test page OK in colour, print 2 or 3 more test pages for reassurance. If you are not getting colour in the test pages, you might have a duff colour cart or, worse, damage to the print-heads. :-(

ringo2, Aug 17, 3:32am
Probably a redneck printer... ... . .

namtak, Aug 17, 3:49am
wombatunder! Geeezzz! The print head nozzle is built into the cartridge. If it's a compatible cartridge just change it for another cartridge cause it may be empty. Some compatibles don't last as long as original HP. Have you checked to see if it's set to print black only?

imn, Aug 17, 4:11am
when this happens to me I run the clean function a few times and it unblocks.

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