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andre77, Aug 17, 9:41am

thinking of buying this, what you think of the specs?

morrisman1, Aug 17, 9:44am
Specs good, price not so good. Looks like its got a gigabyte motherboard in it which is good. The price is over the top considering it doesnt include a monitor. Gimme 5 mins and Ill work out how much you should expect to spend on a similar rig

tammy.may, Aug 17, 9:47am
I think you coulg get it way cheaper building yourself.
I have a 930, did not see it list the mobo modle but i have a USB3. 0 and SATA 3. 0 board, 1TB HDD, gts 460 1GB, 6GB OCZ RAM 750w psu and a 23" P2350 screen all for under 2500

andre77, Aug 17, 9:48am
If i knew how to i would tammy, unfortunately i'm not good with putting that sort of stuff together, so i understand i'll have to pay more, i just want a decent powered gaming comp that will last a few years without having to upgrade for awhile.

andre77, Aug 17, 9:49am
playtech have monitors super cheap too for this month only so will prob pick up a 23" Samsung HD screen with it, if i go ahead.

b.j.nichols, Aug 17, 9:50am
Knock $1000 off that price. Why not look here on TM for similar system for way less?

morrisman1, Aug 17, 9:50am
Get the bits ordered in then take them into a computer store and say put this together. Should be dirt cheap as realistically it takes only one man hour to do (and thats taking your time)

Either that or Im sure there is a member on here from palmy whos looking for an easy hundred dollars

b.j.nichols, Aug 17, 9:51am
Monitors are cheap at the moment $200 plus GST for the 23"

andre77, Aug 17, 9:52am
you think 23" is reasonable to game on?

tammy.may, Aug 17, 9:52am
Yea going off the description I think the board is a UD3R.
Has 3. 0 USB, SATA and 7. 1 audio.
Same board I have.

b.j.nichols, Aug 17, 9:54am
Yip 23" is good, I dont like much bigger when sitting close. If further away the go 28 or 30"

deodar1, Aug 17, 10:39am
Listing #: 309921483

silver-trader, Aug 17, 10:42am
Last time i brought parts from playtech (dec 2009) they said that they would build it and ship it for free if you spend over $1500, I'm not sure if they are still doing that but you could ask.

vampire10, Aug 17, 11:31am
2. 8 is ok but go higher cpu and memory to be better off in the long run

suicidemonkey, Aug 17, 11:32am
I just priced up a similar machine for $2000. $3000 seems over the top.

vtecintegra, Aug 17, 11:34am
No its already well past the point of diminishing returns. Sure you can get faster quad core i7s but its totally not worth it.

jayc2007, Aug 17, 11:49am
That system itself is good, but the price isn't for sure.

You could build it yourself for around 2. 2k.

The i7 930 with that water cooling and motherboard will overclock to 4ghz. Sounds like the Gigabyte EX58-UD3R for sure.

I would recommend pretty much the same setup:

processor: i7 930 (Overclock to 4ghz)
motherboard: GA-Ex58-ud3r
cpu cooling: Coolermaster V8
ram: 6gb+ DDR3 but at 1333mhz (no need to pay ridiculous premium for 1600mhz, and you can OC the 1333mhz to 1600)
Hdd: cheapest 1tb Sata2
PSU: 1500w is over-kill. 1200 or even 1000w will be fine unless you have two gfx cards in SLI/Crossfire
GFX: the one you had your eye on in previous topic

And just get a few case fans etc.

I will find the link and post the link for the Gigabyte guide to overclock pretty much the exact same configuration on the i7 930 to 4ghz.

vtecintegra, Aug 17, 11:51am
There isn't any point in overclocking that at the moment - its more than sufficient for any type of current game.

In the future maybe

kremer, Aug 17, 11:52am
just spent $4500 on a gaming machine with playtech great service, i would suggest if you can go for a 10, 000 rpm harddrive and they do have some good prices on monitors. If you phone them i am sure they would help you put together a nice system.

vampire10, Aug 17, 11:55am
yer true but if ya gonna pay thru the nose at 2. 8's like they offen use then go one better or two better. at the end of the day your the one using it so many as well get the best before it's obsolete in 5 years or more

homeskillet, Aug 17, 11:57am
"Free World of Warcraft 14-Day Free trail"

What a joke.

malachiman, Aug 17, 11:58am
Why would you? ? unless your editing video/audio

andre77, Aug 17, 12:02pm
i have no idea how overclocking works and if i need to do it on that system

vtecintegra, Aug 17, 12:03pm
Realistically it is going to make no difference to how long the system lasts you - the performance difference between a 930 and a 975 is so slight as to be meaningless in a few years.

On the other hand the price difference is considerable - a 975 is ~$1600 whereas a 930 is ~$500

vtecintegra, Aug 17, 12:04pm
Because disk is the slowest part of a modern system, speeding it up is going to give noticeable gains.

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