my printer shutdown my computer

snugbugm, May 14, 8:04am
My printer shutdown my computer It's happened a couple of times, but not everytime, when i turn my printer off it immediately restarts my computer. Why would this be happening?

hazel26, May 14, 8:14am
Hey thanks for the lack of information. USB connection? Operating System? Brand and model of printer? Updated the printer drivers? Googled for others having the same problem? Tried spray flyspray inside your power supply to get rid of any bugs in Windows? Tried beating freecell game number 133452?

kane199, May 14, 8:19am
Hehe it's pretty sad when you open the start menu, and at the top of the most used programs is freecell and solitaire

snugbugm, May 14, 8:41am
FYI USB connection, XP home Edition. HP Pavilion T450a comp with a HP 2410 photosmart printer. Will go try fly spray now and while I wait for all the bugs I'll crack the freecell game. lol

snugbugm, May 14, 8:57am
Game is cracked. So addictive tho.

0800xford, May 14, 8:59am
.... can you connect your printer using parallel ports instead? have you tried the same printer on a different computer? -

hazel26, May 14, 9:05am
LOL, a good humorous reply :) Alrighty, on a serious note - What happens when you use the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon in your system tray, THEN turn the power off? Try it out and let me know the result :)

0800xford, May 14, 9:17am
.... assuming you HAVE "Safely Remove Hardware" i don't.

hazel26, May 14, 9:24am
Sorry 0800, my reply was to the O.P. If you connect ANY USB device, you should get that icon. Else it's probably been disabled by some custom system optimization.

snugbugm, May 14, 9:48am
Hazel26 I have only ever seen the 'safely remove sign when using a flash drive. The printer plugs in to the usb port at the back of the comp. just not sure why it doesn't happen everytime. Very odd.

hazel26, May 14, 9:58am
Hmm yes, you might be right... come to think of it the printers I'm probably referring to are probably the ones which have a memory card reader - therefore acting as a drive. Out of curiosity, is your windows installation original or custom? By custom, I mean compiled using nlite, or something similar? There are options to increase USB polling to 1000hertz etc. This causes problems with some USB devices, in particular - mice. I'm taking stabs in the dark here, I've never encountered a pc rebooting due to a printer *boggle*

snugbugm, May 14, 10:44am
Hazel26 I have absolutely no clue what you were saying.. lol. it's original operating system. it's very odd indeed. Mayeb i should just reinstall the drivers?? The scan option plays up too at times if I try to send the scan directly from the printer - it will say it's not installed on this machine. A couple of presses on the other options and then it works. Modern Technology... *shakes head*

hazel26, May 14, 10:47am
Ok, silly question incoming..... have you tried a different usb cable, and different usb port? :D

snugbugm, May 14, 10:48am
Yes to the port one and no to the cable one. :o)
Shouldn't it cut out all the time if it's the cable?

hazel26, May 14, 10:52am
Yeah, it should intermittently interuptt your printer/scanner. I guess we'll go back to basics, and try downloading the latest drivers? Are you absolutely certain it's printer related, not just purely coincidental when you turn off the printer?

snugbugm, May 14, 10:59am
I will have to try that tomorrow, otherwise who knows what I could end up downloading. Coincidental maybe, but still. I don't think the printer should reboot my computer when I turn the printer off. Stuff's up all my mutli message board takes forever to relocated :o) Thanks for your help

hazel26, May 14, 11:05am
Here we go :) Goodluck!

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