Keypad/Mouse issue, Acer Lappy???

Hey you guys are my last resort. A mate has given me her laptop and the issues is that you have to push the keys and the mouse really hard to make them work. I think it must be a hardware issue but I ran malware bytes, Spybot, Adaware, Avast boot time scan and ccleaned and defragged it to cover all my bases. Got a bunch of viruses in the process but made no diff. Any other ideas? ? Cheers guys.

geek_vitaminh, Aug 18, 9:09 pm

usb mouse

geek_swivel, Aug 18, 9:14 pm

External keyboard & mouse?

There are connectors for the keyboard & mouse inside the case, but if they weren't connected properly then they just wouldn't work - so I don't think this is relevant...

geek_gyrogearloose, Aug 18, 9:17 pm

Could it be dirty/a design fault? My laptop (not an Acer) has an awfully hard to press trackpad button unless you fold up a piece of paper and put it between the battery and the underside of the trackpad.

True story.

geek_dunedin_ree, Aug 18, 9:19 pm

Hmmm, Maybe I will whip it apart and see whats happening inside. I think she will just replace it if I can't fix it so it might be worth a crack? ? ? I have never come across this prob before it's weirding me out. Dam Acer.

geek_vitaminh, Aug 18, 9:19 pm

Hey does anyone think a system restore would be worth a try or would I be pissing in the wind? ? ?

geek_vitaminh, Aug 18, 9:49 pm

Don't bother.

It will be a hardware issue.

geek_jayc2007, Aug 18, 10:40 pm

Ok so I forgot to try safemode. And to my surprise in safemode it's all systems go? ? ? ? Hmmmm. Any ideas now?

geek_vitaminh, Aug 18, 10:44 pm

Weird. Reformat :P

geek_becka2, Aug 18, 11:26 pm

RE: Got a bunch of viruses in the process.

Secondhand computer totally munted, infected.

Removing the infections does not always fix the problem as the damage is done.

Reinstall the operating system.

geek_pcfix4u, Aug 19, 8:17 am