Microsoft word

skye2, Aug 19, 9:05pm
appears to have gone awol off friends computer XP and now also will not create an association with PPS attachments. Am i right in assuming there is a connection between these two instances? If so how do you reinstate the word program without having to pay for it again? He has a genuine XP program. It also wouldn't play WMP attachments so wereinstalled WMP that solved that problem. Could it have been an update that caused this?

pcfix4u, Aug 19, 9:09pm
Word. powerpoint, excel are all part of Microsoft office.

You need the office disk and the license number.

Did he do a system restore? ? ? ?

skye2, Aug 19, 9:11pm
He did a system restore but could only get it back to the 6th August for some reason

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